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Solve Your Food Delivery Problems with GOGOX – F&B Case Study: Grain

Grain x Logistics Partnership Even though the Covid-19 restrictions and restaurant safety measurements have eased up, food deliveries still remain…

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How does instant delivery contribute to the success of SMEs?

SMEs are always struggling to identify their competitive advantages in the price-sensitive market. Due to the disruptive technology we have…

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3 Common Misconceptions Small Businesses Have Regarding On-Demand Delivery

Logistical management can often be a daunting task for many small businesses. The time, cost and manpower required to be…

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How Do You Place A GOGOVan Order Via Credit Card?

Credit card payment is here! GOGOVan has launched our credit card payment scheme! You can now make delivery and transport…

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Make Delivery Simple with GOGOVan

Most people feel that delivery is tedious and inefficient. Sending or receiving your items take days or even weeks. Additionally,…

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Use GOGOVan for all your business deliveries

How To Flourish Your Business This Chinese New Year?

What does Chinese New Year mean to you? Is it the time of the year when you reunite with family…

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Planning for an e-commerce shop

3 Pain Points of Starting an E-commerce Business

How consumers shop for goods and services has changed drastically in recent years. From bricks and mortar shops in the…

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How same-day delivery helps E-commerce?

E-commerce platforms are growing rapidly that everyone can set up online stores. Sellers need to think of different strategies in…

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How‘On-Demand’ delivery services save 3 industries?

In the last 5 years, ‘on-demand’ has evolved from an unfamiliar term to a widely-used word in logistics, retail, furniture…

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Delivery Booking with GOGOVan in 5 Easy Steps

With the introduction of smartphones, delivery has never been easier. GOGOVan connects you to 15,000 drivers island-wide to meet your…

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