How does instant delivery contribute to the success of SMEs?

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SMEs are always struggling to identify their competitive advantages in the price-sensitive market. Due to the disruptive technology we have these days, companies are expected to offer more value-added services to customers, such as delivery methods to improve customer experience. For instance, businesses such as pharmacies, F&B, personal wellness outlets, and e-commerce require faster and more reliable delivery services to ensure product quality.  With an instant delivery service, the waiting time for each customer will significantly shorten. This efficiency is an important factor to increase customer loyalty.

Partnering with a last-mile logistics company is the best way to save costs
Owning a delivery fleet is not the best business approach for SMEs as it impacts the businesses’ cash flow and increases operational and maintenance costs. This causes additional pressure to businesses in slow seasons. Hence, engaging with logistics companies to manage your last-mile deliveries can relieve investment concerns, as well as handle ad hoc orders in a more flexible arrangement. 

Instant delivery is not as costly as most of the SMEs think. In fact, choosing the right logistics driver helps to enhance overall business efficiency. We offer custom services to cater to each business’s unique logistics needs; prepaid wallets, as well as a business support team, to provide extra assistance to SMEs. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of reliable logistics and high touch service within an affordable budget.   

In the era of eCommerce, instant delivery increases customer purchasing intention and retention
The booming e-commerce industry has revolutionised consumer shopping behavior and influenced their expectation of instant delivery. Logistics companies are emerging to serve businesses with diversified logistics solutions and different options for delivery speed. 

According to a survey conducted by Shopify, businesses that offer instant delivery could attain a significant 2X increase in sales volume and conversion.  Fulfilling time-sensitive and ad-hoc delivery demand in a timely manner is a key differentiator for businesses, especially during the present critical times. As the coronavirus outbreak has significantly increased consumer demand for online shopping, a reliable logistics company is undoubtedly a key driver for SMEs to maintain business efficiency and complete orders without hassle.

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