Solve Your Food Delivery Problems with GOGOX – F&B Case Study: Grain

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Grain x Logistics Partnership

Even though the Covid-19 restrictions and restaurant safety measurements have eased up, food deliveries still remain as a popular option. Grain, a popular online food catering and delivery company drivered up with GOGOX to help solve their last-mile food delivery problems. Read on to find out more on how GOGOX can help your food business grow!

Challenges that the F&B industry faces

Businesses in the F&B industry often see fluctuations in their demands, especially during the festive periods like Christmas and Chinese New Year. Furthermore, the catalytic effects of the pandemic resulted in a surge for on-demand food delivery services. Many F&B companies, including our drivers at Grain, had to scramble to find on-demand delivery services to help meet the rising demands that are here to stay.

How GOGOX helped Grain

During the Covid-19 Christmas period, Grain received hundreds of orders that were not manageable for their in-house fleet of drivers. Therefore, GOGOX drivered with Grain to help ease the situation with our swift and reliable delivery services. Together, we managed to help spread the Christmas magic to over 100 customers in just one day!

Benefits of GOGOX

GOGOX can help you too! Our variety of vehicle types ranging from motorcycles, sedans, vans to lorries can help cater to all your last-mile delivery needs. From your cloud kitchen or restaurant to your customer’s door steps. Our flexible and efficient logistics offerings give you the advantage of scalability, especially when your business booms when you least expect it.

To add on, signing up with GOGOBusiness entitles you to up to 18% free bonus credits when you use our prepaid top-up services!

The importance of scalable and reliable last-mile delivery services is greater now than ever. Find out more about the benefits of GOGOBusiness here.

How Can GOGOX Help You?

Select the size of the GOGOX transport vehicle that will best suit all your delivery needs. We provide a wide range of delivery options from motorcycles, cars, vans to lorries to suit your budget. You can even choose how much additional manpower help you require for the most savings with customisable manpower addition options (vans and lorries only). In addition, add multiple waypoints if you prefer having one driver go to a few collection points and deliver all the items to you.

Moreover, you can now experience immediate logistical support and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach our Customer Service Support daily from 8am to 10pm at 6836-1110. With GOGOX, you will experience efficient, reliable and care-free logistics service for all your business needs.

Additionally, we provide seasonal bonus credits and customised services for your business’s logistics needs on our GOGOBusiness platform. Create your free GOGOBusiness account today here. Do not hesitate to write in to [email protected] or call 888-GOGOX(46469) if you have any questions.