How‘On-Demand’ delivery services save 3 industries?

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In the last 5 years, ‘on-demand’ has evolved from an unfamiliar term to a widely-used word in logistics, retail, furniture and transportation businesses around the world.

With better technological infrastructure and big data, ‘On-demand’ has built many companies like GOGOVan, Uber and Airbnb that revolutionise consumers’ behaviour and change the attitude towards instant gratification.

With this change, consumers expect better and faster deliveries than before. Many companies struggle to meet this expectation with their existing traditional business model.

We’d like to see to how GOGOVan’s on-demand capability can improve these industries’ efficiency and save them for extinction. 

1. Furniture companies


Traditional furniture companies have been operating the same way like the good old days but with on-demand logistics, competition is getting higher.

Best example is IKEA. The driverships between IKEA and GOGOVan allows shoppers to ship their large bulky items home (when you can squeeze into a cab or car) almost instantly compared to the past when shoppers need 3 to 5 days to get it delivered. And this waiting time will be increased during peak seasons like Lunar New Year and Christmas.

Besides shoppers, it’s a headache both for furniture companies to find on-demand vans or trucks at the very last minute, which disappoint shoppers. This a lost revenue to furniture companies. Therefore, by drivering GOGOVan, furniture companies are able to save cost by keeping a huge fleet of vehicles and drivers and delight their customers with on-demand delivery.

2. Floral shop 


As the life of flowers is short,  on-demand same day delivery of flowers become utmost important to floral shops. No customers would like to receive a withered bouquet of flowers.

To worsen the situation, floral shops’ order demand change drastically day-to-day and season-to-season. Cancellation and last-minute surges are very common to floral shops.

To ensure delivery of fresh flowers are not compromised, GOGOVan’s on-demand same-day delivery service will meet both needs of floral shops and end-users.

Floral shops will not have to manage a fleet of drivers or let them idle when there are no orders or searching through personal contacts of drivers to get flowers delivered during peak seasons.

Simply, download the app or register as GOGO Business client place a booking – GOGOVan’s reliable, quick and efficient will ensure fresh flowers are always delivered.

3. Logistics companies


You may think, it’s nonsense that logistics giants such as FedEx will need GOGOVan to support their delivery.

But in fact, it is one of GOGOVan’s biggest corporate clients. The main reason for choosing GOGOVan is again the on-demand fleet capability.

It can scale up and down depending on irregular demand and reduce overhead costs such as owning a vehicle, vehicle tax, driver salaries and even insurance. In low season, big logistics players still have to pay up these fixed costs even though they’re earning lower revenue.

So, by outsourcing certain seasonal deliveries to GOGOVan, they are able to reduce cost and be more efficient at the same time.

We provide on-demand or same day delivery service to your delivery. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient delivery services. Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website or place an order through APP .  

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