How same-day delivery helps E-commerce?

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E-commerce platforms are growing rapidly that everyone can set up online stores. Sellers need to think of different strategies in order to drive more customers to shop online, instead of going to brick and mortar shops.  

To stand out from the tough competitions amongst one another, sellers can think of same-day delivery services. It adds value to e-commerce business by giving more convenient shopping experience.  

1. Increase customer satisfaction

Many global companies like Amazon, Google and eBay piloted or implemented the different form of same-day delivery, for example, Amazon’s idea of using a drone.

Vice president of eBay said that consumers are not only expecting to be able to shop anytime anywhere, but also enjoy immediate shipping of gratification. If you ever shop online, most online stores need you to wait at least few days or even a month for the delivery to arrive. You’ll be less excited and hyper when the parcel arrives.

Therefore, same day delivery creates a joyful shopping experience.

2. Increase orders

Customers can shop anytime and anywhere in online stores. Shopping online is more or less like an offline shopping experience. The main difference is, online sellers can also avoid a surge of sales during weekends, unlike brick and mortar retailers. Online shops can keep consistently their sales volume throughout the year.

3. Stand out from competitors

With customers’ purchasing pattern gradually change to online platforms, the competition becomes tougher and tougher.  As a matter of fact, 83% of US customers said they would rather purchase items from a company if they offered same day delivery service.

Brick and mortar retailers experience two main strategies to attract customers – price down and quality control. Online sellers do not necessarily need to practice reducing the price because they can set a fair price in the beginning. Also, they might not change the quality of products as it affects the group of target buyers. The market keeps varying and might eventually lead to lower quality of products.  

What you can stand out from the rest of competitors is to provide additional service- Same day delivery.

4. Fast and reliable delivery services

Launching a Same Day Delivery service will help you avoid dragging out your current affairs to the next day.  Everything will be finalised and delivered within 24 hours, making a perfect online business. GOGOVan does not only provide on-demand delivery. If you’re keen to explore same day delivery, go to GOGO Business to explore more. Therefore, you can work with us to increase customer satisfaction and productivity.

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