3 Pain Points of Starting an E-commerce Business

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Planning for an e-commerce shop

Planning for an e-commerce shop

How consumers shop for goods and services has changed drastically in recent years. From bricks and mortar shops in the early 90’s to online shopping in the 2000’s, and with the quick rise of mobile-app shopping in the recent years. The demand for e-commerce delivery has definitely increased by a great fraction following the ease of setting up e-commerce stores provided by various platforms. If you are planning to start an e-commerce shop or if you are already an owner of one, here are some of the common pain points which you should be addressing to create a great purchasing experience for all your consumers.


1. Delivery and Handling issues

Nearly half of the e-commerce consumers surveyed in a report (which included 12,000 consumers from 12 global markets), expressed that their online/mobile app shopping experience can be negatively affected by instances of lost orders, delayed deliveries and other after-sale issues, such as payment, order tracking and availability of feedback channels.

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and demanding as e-commerce shopping becomes the norm now. While the problems mentioned above often occur in isolated instances, these situations can become a major challenge when owners encounter hundreds to thousands of e-commerce consumers every day/month.


2. Lengthy Delivery Time

With the advancement of the internet and the progression in technology, many of us are wired to receive anything we need or want — now. This demand for instant gratification is affecting the way retailers and e-commerce shop owners react to customers’ needs.

Most online shoppers want their purchases as soon as they can, hence sellers have to find solutions that provide on-demand and same-day delivery service.


3. Unreliable fleet

To keep the cost of operation low for a business, most e-commerce shop owners will choose not to hire an in-house fleet to deliver their goods. However, the search for reliable drivers and having a stable supply of vehicles are still some of the biggest challenges for shop owners.

With the e-commerce industry thriving, all business owners must take the above pain points into consideration. To enhance the e-commerce shopping experience for your consumers, you can use GOGOBusiness to manage your business with ease. GOGOBusiness is a delivery management service designed for bulk orders, real-time tracking and easy accounts, and finance management. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more about how GOGOBusiness can support you in cutting down cost for your business.


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