Saving GoGoX coupons in the GoGoX Business web portal

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Our new Digital Voucher feature has launched in our web portal!

When you receive a coupon code from GoGoX, you can instantly save it in the GoGoX Business web portal. It’s now much easier to use them for a delivery.

Step 1

Go to the “Coupons” page from the side menu in the web portal. Enter the coupon code you received in the “add a coupon” section and it will be displayed in the saved coupon list.


Step 2

When placing an order, click “Add” Coupon on the “Order details” page. Select the coupon you want to use, or add a new coupon! (Please note: some coupons may only be used for specific vehicle types)


Step 3

You’re all done! In the “Order details” page, you will be shown that you have successfully used the code. You can check the updated and discounted order fee before you place the order.



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