GoGoX and Google Cloud work together to optimise delivery

GoGoX and Google Cloud announce working partnership to drive logistics solutions logos

Predictive modelling of driver behaviour builds on GoGoX’s end-to-end use of Google Cloud to turn complex real-time data into better outcomes for customers and drivers alike


Hong Kong SAR, 25 August 2023 Google Cloud today announced that it is collaborating with GoGoX, a logistics tech company previously known as GoGoVan, to advance its business and technology strategy with its online platform and tailored logistics solutions. 

GoGoX migrated from its previous cloud provider because it could only offer insights based on day-old data, and struggled to maximise the efficiency of its infrastructure and people in the development process — both of which proved unacceptable given the speed of change and ferocity of competition that its business faces.

GoGoX now uses Google Cloud’s Dataflow and Pub/Sub to ingest and process real time data from its drivers in the field, as well as other data like weather and traffic conditions. Machine learning models are then continuously trained with the latest data in real time — allowing the prediction and optimisation of everything from delivery routes to driver earnings with unprecedented to-the-minute accuracy. 

Information captured by the GoGoX team through Google Sheets, combined with data from Google Maps and third-party sources, is consolidated and analysed by BigQuery to offer up prompt, actionable insights across GoGoX’s teams in Looker. This in turn drives the development and deployment of new platform features at scale using Google Kubernetes Engine. The highly automated nature of the process has helped GoGoX significantly reduce manual labour costs and delays in how it analyses and acts on data, helping soften the impact of ongoing talent shortages on the business support system’s growth strategy.

“Operating a logistics ecosystem across more than 30 million shippers involves incredible levels of ever-expanding complexity, and enhancing predictability through data is key to ensuring our customers and drivers needs are met,” said Fu-Ming, Head of Engineering, GoGoX. “Adopting our end-to-end Google Cloud workflow has not only empowered our teams to understand and respond to what’s going on in our operations at any given moment. Google Cloud’s data pipeline solutions have also enabled our predictive AI models to cut through this complexity with real-time, real-world insight that has already boosted drivers’ earnings, improved order completion rates, and reduced delays and other inefficiencies that otherwise degrade the customer experience.”

Google Cloud solutions are also set to support GoGoX’s further forays into AI and machine learning, including the development of voice-based customer support and sales chatbots using Google Cloud’s generative AI and speech-to-text-to-speech capabilities.

“GoGoX’s investment in Google Cloud as a foundation for digital efficiency and innovation has begun to significantly pay off for its customers, drivers, and operational efficiencies,” said Kathy Lee, Managing Director, Google Cloud in Greater China. “We’re excited to continue deepening our partnership with GoGoX to support its increasingly sophisticated use of AI to differentiate its services, and stand ready to scale up that support as the team expands the reach of its logistics services throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond.”

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology, and tools that help developers build more sustainably. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems. 

About GoGoX

Founded in 2013, GoGoX is a major logistics technology company in Asia, and has since expanded its footprint across more than 360 cities with a network of more than 6.1 million registered drivers in six Asian regions (Singapore, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Mainland China, and Hong Kong). The company offers extensive logistics services through innovative technology, from customised logistics solutions to instant deliveries and value-added services such as fuel card and insurance. GoGoX (2246.HK) is now listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

For more information, please refer to: https://www.gogox.com/index/  


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