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We reimagine a world where technology powers the connection between people and goods efficiently

Bringing opportunities in your city closer to you is our purpose. It’s our labour of love to redefine the way your city moves. We see a future where logistics is powered by technology and centred around human connections. We put the city into action so that each person and business who works with us can focus on winning their race.

We are GoGoX. We obsess over taking action with purpose and not simply being in motion. We have a relentless pursuit of helping you achieve your goals.

We act as connectors of everyday life; we link people and businesses with opportunities. We believe a better future is built today. The solutions we build not only optimise how movement happens, but also ensure the where, when and for whom are carefully considered. There’s a fire that burns within us to innovate and redefine everyday movement. Our pulse is in triggering action so that each person, business and delivery-partner can do better and go further.

As a tech-driven company, we use the power of smart, innovative solutions to reimagine logistics. We’re dedicated to making movement effortless and doing our part to look after Mother Earth. We want to build a thriving home for future generations. 

At our core, we put people first. Whatever situation you face, we position ourselves in your shoes, put on our creative hats and devise well-suited solutions. We don’t chase perfection, but we never stop to always iterate for you, for our people and for our environment. It is our belief that no matter who you are, when you engage with us, we must do our best to help you with what you need at speed.

Our journey, which began as GoGoVan in 2013 with humble van-dispatching call centres delivering lunch boxes, has evolved into a global platform that has coordinated millions of deliveries. From vans to 9-foot trucks, we connect you with our partners in the most efficient and effective ways. As we grow, our commitment to enhancing the movement of people to goods in every city where we deliver remains steadfast.

Our promise is to not just meet your needs of today, but to anticipate and innovate for your needs of tomorrow.

We started with bold ambitions on a humble investment. Our core values guided us to where we are today.

Whether we’re looking back or venturing forward, the choices we make have always been guided by our five core values. There is no compromise, because any compromise in our values means settling for less than what our customers, partners and people expect.

We make sure that we deliver on your expectations.

Deliver happiness

We believe every delivery is more than just a package; it’s a promise of happiness. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to create a future where joy and satisfaction are the essence of our service.

Grow or die

Standing still is not an option. Our relentless commitment to growth through innovation ensures we remain at the forefront, shaping the future of logistics and making a lasting impact.

Dare to venture

Our ambitions know no bounds. By daring to venture into uncharted territories and embracing new technologies, we redefine what’s possible in logistics and inspire others to dream big.

Top of our game

Excellence is our standard. By consistently delivering superior performance and innovative solutions, we set new benchmarks for the industry and ensure our customers receive nothing but the best.

No bullsh*t

Honesty and transparency are our cornerstones. We solve problems with empathy and directness, fostering an environment of trust and respect, ensuring agile and meaningful progress.