Our journey began in 2013 from Hong Kong. Our co-founders were arranging lunch box deliveries through van dispatching call-centres until one morning they had too many of orders to fulfill amongst themselves. This significant event inspired them to think of an effective way to solve the pain point of the fragmented and inefficient call-centre business model. Their idea began by consolidating van drivers into a chat group where drivers could respond to orders immediately, however, that was not scalable enough. They then turned to technology and “GOGOVan” was born.


Formerly known as GOGOVan, GOGOX is one of the first mobile app-based logistics platforms in Asia revitalising the traditional logistics industry with innovative technology. We connect individuals and businesses directly to millions of drivers and couriers for their delivery needs and redefine the everyday delivery experience by providing diversified and seamless services.

Over the years, GOGOX has expanded its businesses from Hong Kong to Singapore, Mainland China, South Korea, India, and Vietnam. We have increased our presence to over 340 cities, with more than 5.2 million registered drivers under the GOGOX network.  


Since we started our van-hailing service, we have expanded our portfolio to offering logistics services which include door-to-door deliveries and customised logistics solutions across five countries and regions in Asia. GOGOX represents boundless possibilities to explore and offer value-added services to our customers and provide them with a holistic logistics experience.

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