Streamline Your Delivery Experience with ‘Tips First’

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Maximising efficiency and driver-partner appreciation

Every minute counts, especially in logistics. Our goal at GoGoX is to provide swift and reliable delivery services at your fingertips, and a big part of that is how we streamline the delivery process for our driver-partners.

What is ‘Tips First’?

Traditionally, when you place a delivery or transport order in our app, you could add a tip only after the order had been placed first. However, we understand that time is of the essence, and customers want to maximise the chances of their orders being picked up swiftly by our driver-partners. That’s why we’re introducing ‘Tips First’ – the ability to add a tip at the time of placing your order.

Improving the customer experience ‘Tips First’

1. Swift order acceptance
On an ordinary day, a driver-partner can receive numerous order requests. The introduction of ‘Tips First’ gives you the power to make your order more appealing, increasing the likelihood of it being picked up quickly.

2. Enhanced user experience
We’ve revamped our user interface (UI) to make the tipping option more prominent, including a notification to remind you when your order has been pending for a certain duration. Adding a tip is now simple; your generosity is just a tap away.

100% of your tip goes to the driver

When you choose to add a tip for your order, it directly contributes to the earnings of our driver. Your generosity doesn’t just speed up your delivery; it also makes a difference in the lives of the individuals who work tirelessly to get your items delivered to you.

How to start using ‘Tips First’

There are two ways to use ‘Tips First’ within the app: while you’re placing an order and right after an order is placed.

Add tip during order placement
1. Enter addresses
2. Select vehicle and time
3. Add additional requirements (if any)
4. Add tip when you review your order details
5. Place Order

Add tip after order placement
1. Enter addresses
2. Select vehicle and time
3. Add additional requirements (if any)
4. Place Order
5. Order is in pending status and not picked up by a driver/courier yet.
6. Add tip when you review your order details

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1. Is there a recommended tip amount, or can I choose any amount I prefer?
$0, $20, $30, $40, $50, and there is also a custom amount for the user to input.

2. How are tips distributed to driver-partners?
100% of the tips go to the partners (drivers + couriers).

3. What happens if my order is not picked up promptly, even after adding a tip?
There could be a multitude of reasons here including but not limited to:

– Not enough driver-partners available
– Bad weather
– Unfavourable traffic conditions

GoGoX tries to show the order to all matching partners and also alert them about the extra incentive.

Until the time that an order is picked up, a user can increase, decrease or completely remove the tip. After the order has been picked up, the tip amount is locked in.

4. Is my personal information secure when using ‘Tips First’?
Users are not required to add any additional personal information for tipping.

5. What if I have issues or questions related to ‘Tips First’?
For order related questions, including tipping, users can call the customer service hotline.

6. Can I change or adjust the tip amount after an order is placed?
Yes, up until the order is accepted. Once the order is accepted, the tip amount is locked.


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