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Why GOGOBusiness?

Improve business operation and administrative efficiency

Entitle to business-only services and more protection​

Better order matching and completion rate for business users

Exclusive Benefits

●  Enjoy up to 5% rebate when topping up

●  Enjoy fixed fee moving service and save negotiation time

●  Add multiple users to a single account

●  Place orders on both the mobile app and web portal

●  Download order history for simple expense management

●  Bulk order and integrate to GOGOX API

●  Gain priority access to dedicated customer support hotline

●  Receive up to $5,000 cargo compensation for each order

What’s in GOGOBusiness?

You can enjoy the services of


Van and truck hailing service for transporting large and bulky items

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Instant, 4-hour and same-day delivery for small items to your doorsteps

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Integrate GOGOX API with your business to automate your workflows

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There’s always one which suits your logistics needs


5.5t Truck

9t Truck


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