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What you need to know about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions from October 2020

Singapore authorities have announced further ease of restrictions on September 23rd 2020 with our COVID-19 situation improving. We can look…

Events GOGOVAN Guide Guide to Life Tips & Hacks

Stay Home Edition: Tips To Achieve A Spacious Home this COVID-19 Period

As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, it has become more important to solve the problems of space constraints…

Clients GOGOVAN Guide Guide to Life Tips & Hacks

3 Great Ideas For Year-end Corporate Team-building Gatherings

With 2019 coming to an end, it is almost time for a well-deserved break! Planning your company’s corporate team-building gatherings?…

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GOGOVAN Travel Guide 1: Hong Kong & Vietnam

With the June school holidays coming up, some of you must be getting ready to spend some time overseas as…

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What Is The Best Way To Move Out Of Hall?

It’s the end of the university semester! With the vacation break commencing, it is time to move out of hall.…

Clients Guide to Life

3 Must Do Fun Outdoor Activities

Planning for activities over the weekends can be difficult! Feeling bored over the weekends? Why not take the time to…

Clients Guide to Life

The Best Ways to Use GOGOVAN For Events

Organising an event can be tiring and time-consuming. Oftentimes, you may also have many logistical items for the event! With…

Clients Guide to Life Tips & Hacks

How to Get to the Airport with GOGOVAN

Do you travel often? Ever had too much luggage and other bulky items to bring along with you for your…

Clients Guide to Life Tips & Hacks

3 Fun and Unique Family Activities for the School Holidays

Schools Holidays are coming up! Want to spend time with your kids but cannot think of anything to do? Fret…

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Guide to Care-free Delivery

Guide to Care-free Deliveries: 5 Simple Tips

In an ideal situation, delivery is simple and straightforward. You place an order, the courier picks up your items and…

Clients Guide to Life Tips & Hacks