3 Great Ideas For Year-end Corporate Team-building Gatherings

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With 2019 coming to an end, it is almost time for a well-deserved break! Planning your company’s corporate team-building gatherings? Here are some great ideas that would definitely allow for a great time of fun and bonding! Read on to also find out about the best way to travel around Singapore as a group.

Night Cycling and Supper

Team-building gatherings that involve exercising and enjoying good food! What sounds better than that? Cycling is a great way to exercise while exploring Singapore. It is also a great way to get everyone off their electronic devices and talk to their colleagues around them. It will also be a good opportunity for colleagues who have more experience in cycling to help others who are less experienced and build rapport at the same time! What’s more, everyone will have great food to look forward to at the end of the cycling session! 

Enjoy a Barbeque

Looking to have a good time with your colleagues? A barbeque is a great activity to enjoy with colleagues of all ages! Enjoy great food while chatting things outside work, playing some ball games or card games.

Barbequing has become extremely convenient and casual. You can order your food and barbequing equipment online from barbeque wholesalers. You can also order the items that you will need for your barbeque from supermarket apps such as the Fairprice App and collect your items from their outlets.

Have an Amazing Race

Standard team-building activities can be repetitive. Want to plan a fun and innovative activity that your colleagues will definitely enjoy? An Amazing Race is a great idea! Consisting of various stations where participants have to complete a task or activity to carry on to the next station, this will definitely be a great opportunity to build a strong team spirit! Prizes can also be awarded to the winning teams who do the best at stations to further incentivise teams to work together to win stations.

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