The Best Ways to Use GOGOVan For Events

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Organising an event can be tiring and time-consuming. Oftentimes, you may also have many logistical items for the event! With all that you have to handle for the event, it is important not to waste extended periods of trying to source for a transport company to aid you in your transportation needs! With GOGOVan experience efficient, reliable and affordable transport options for all your events!

For Social Gatherings

From home birthday parties to weddings to corporate gatherings, Social gathering can range from small to large and involve different amounts of logistics. Furthermore, as planning goes on, there may always be sudden inclusions of items that were not originally in the list of logistical items. This can lead to confusion, lack of organisation and unnecessary stress. In addition, large scale events can also bring about the item accounting difficulties. Read till the end to find out how GOGOVan can support you in moving your logistics for social gatherings!

For Filming Events & Photoshoots

With the popularity of video sharing platforms such as YouTube, it has become easier for many freelance photographers and videographers to have a platform to display their work. However, unlike professional film crews and companies, they still do not have access to readily available transportation services for their bulky and heavily filming equipment! Furthermore, outdoor shoots, such as bridal shoots, also often require the use of many other items such as props and lighting adjustment equipment. This can include larger or longer items can may not easily fit into a car. Read till the end to find out how GOGOVan can support you in moving your heavy and bulky film equipment!

For Flea Markets

Selling and buying pre-loved items are now highly prevalent in Singapore. With the emergence of App platforms such as Carousell in recent. Many of us have all started to dig up our pre-loved clothing, books or toys and putting them up for sale! Furthermore, with the numerous flea markets that are organised in Singapore, selling your pre-loved items has never been easier! However, although the idea of being able to sell many of your pre-loved items all at once at a flea market may sound attractive, bringing all your items to the flea market venue may be more troublesome than it sounds! Read till the end to find out how GOGOVan can support you in transporting your pre-loved items!

How Can GOGOVan Help You?

GOGOVan provides you with a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from! Select the size of the transport vehicle that will best suit all your needs. This can range from a sedan car take can transport several small items to 24-foot lorries that can transport a large number of items for mega-events! With customisable manpower addition options, you can even choose how much additional help you require for the most savings! Furthermore, experience immediate logistical support! Simply make a booking on the GOGOVan App and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach out to our Customer Service Support Staff at 6836 1110 from 9am to 6pm daily. With GOGOVan experience efficient, reliable and care-free service.

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About GOGOVan:

We provide on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, courier documents, plants, etc to your office, your home and to any event. GOGOVan connects you with the thousands of drivers on the roads every day to allow you to get quick and efficient services, same-day and on-demand, with the flexibility to schedule for a pick-up or delivery one month before, or one hour before the time you need it.

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking at your fingertips!

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