3 Must Do Fun Outdoor Activities

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Planning for activities over the weekends can be difficult! Feeling bored over the weekends? Why not take the time to have a great session of bonding with family and friends to participate in some outdoor activities. Here are some great ideas of activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family!

Hiking and Camping

Looking for a breath of fresh air and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? Hiking and camping can be a great way to embrace the outdoors. Get a bird’s eye view of Singapore on the Treetop walk, explore the wide range of species of flowers and plants at the Botantic Gardens or set up your own campsite at East Coast or West Coast Park!


Looking to have a good time with friends and family? A barbeque is a great activity to enjoy with your loved ones! Relish good food while chatting, watching a movie or playing card games.

Barbequing has become extremely convenient and casual, you no longer have to buy bulks of food in advance or season the meat on your own. Food can often be ordered online and barbequing logistics can be ordered online.

Have a Picnic

Getting tired of shopping in malls or gathering in a cafe? Why not enjoy an evening meal on an open grass space? Pack your own food and bring a mat for a good picnic meal at Marina Barrage. Restaurants such as Wheeler’s Estate also organise picnic events on their compound where patrons can come down and have dinner on the grass patch while enjoying a movie!

How Can GOGOVan Help You?

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