What you need to know about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions from October 2020

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Singapore authorities have announced further ease of restrictions on September 23rd 2020 with our COVID-19 situation improving. We can look forward to easing into the following new rules, as we resume more activities with the improvised safe management measures to keep our community safe.

Improvised work arrangement for us to resume collaborative work

As concerns regarding the impact of extended working-from-home (WFH) periods on productivity and workplace relations rise, more employees are now allowed to return to the office. The following conditions will be enforced to prevent COVID-19 transmission:

1. Employers are encouraged to stagger reporting times to avoid travel during peak hours.

2. Employees should only return to the office for up to only 50% of their work time.

3. For example, employees can work in blocks of different timings or different weeks of the month in the office. For the rest of the time, they can work from home.

These sorts of hybrid combinations will become the new norm. However, this might also mean that you might want to have your favourite large screen monitor and ergonomic chair in both the office and at home.

Thinking of buying additional equipment for the new hybrid work-from-home arrangements? Physical stores are still great for WFH equipment shopping as you can try the items. You will know how comfy the chair is, or how clear a monitor can be.

You can also ask the sales personnel as many questions as you want! Get your items delivered home on the same day with services such as GOGOX’s van and sedan (for smaller  monitors and gadgets) delivery service.

Official small-scale corporate events to connect and celebrate

corporate small group meeting

Good news for businesses! Aside from the restriction of non-regulated social gatherings (within or out of the workplace), small scale work-related events are allowed. Examples of small scale work-related events include job promotion and new hire induction ceremonies. Small-group based corporate retreats, seminars, and meetings are also allowed.

Don’t shout “yay” too fast though. It is usually not cost-efficient for event companies to provide services for small event set-ups, especially for food and furniture.

Since these events are on a smaller scale, you can try renting your furniture and decoration instead. You can buy all your needed items such as gifts and snacks, and get it delivered to you. We have provided some ideas below.

  1. 1. Furniture rental for all occasions:
  1. 2. Decorations and props:

Worshipping with our community

places of worship in singapore

In the updated COVID-19 restrictions, religious services and gatherings with up to 100 attendees will be allowed. There should be two zones of up to 50 persons each, separated by physical barriers at any one time. There will also be separate entrances and exits, with staggered entry and exit timings for each zone. This will help to minimize interactions between worshippers.

A pilot group of 12 places of worship will test out the above before the plan rolls out further.

No more indefinite postponement of weddings!

bride groom covid small wedding

Good news for our family and friends who have planned to tie the knot this year! The number of attendees has been increased from the initial number of 50 to 100 from October 3rd! You will just need to ensure that all your attendees are split into two zones of 50 persons to cut down mingling. This will help to prevent large scale COVID-19 transmissions if someone was asymptomatic. 

As couples start inviting more friends to their wedding, there will be a need to order more gifts and food. Couples who have already booked venues which require DIY decoration and flowers, might also be planning to increase the amount needed.

Instead of getting our family and friends to help collect flowers, wedding favours, and decoration packs, you can also consider services like GOOGX. In our app, you can get the same driver to collect various items from different places by adding multiple way-points within one delivery order. In this way, you will only need to pass all the needed instructions to one delivery driver to ensure all your items reach you at the same time.

Safe measures are constantly changing

We should be able to see even more easing of restrictions if we are able to keep up with the safety management and physical distancing measures in the coming months. The key is not to rush into resuming societal activities to what it was before COVID-19, but it is to do so progressively and stay vigilant!

Note: This article was updated on 1st October 2020. Any updates needed on the most recent restrictions after October, please refer to the Singapore government’s page for COVD-19 latest announcements and update

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