GOGOVan Travel Guide 1: Hong Kong & Vietnam

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With the June school holidays coming up, some of you must be getting ready to spend some time overseas as a family! Want to find out more about the must see places in Hong Kong and Vietnam? Here are some great places to see when visiting Hong Kong or Vietnam and the best way to travel around on GOGOVan Passenger Vans!

Hong Kong

Travel to the bustling city of Hong Kong to enjoy the best sights, shopping, food and culture!

Shopping: Looking for a one stop shop to all types of stores and a large variety of brands? Why not visit the streets of Mong Kok! With a large range of shoes, accessories and clothing, as well as, the large Langham Place shopping mall, it is definitely a place to visit!  Tsim Sha Tsui, that is located in Kowloon, is also a must visit district that is famous for shopping and nightlife.

Food: Hong Kong is also the home to many world famous foods! One such example is Dim Sum! These bite-sized steam delicacies are to die for and Causeway Bay boasts the best of the best Dim Sum restaurants. These include Fusing Seafood Restaurant, Lei Garden and West Villa. If you plan to visit Hong Kong, you must definitely try some of the world famous Dim Sum brands that originate from Hong Kong.

Outdoors & Culture: While being a busy city, Hong Kong is also rich in culture. Visit the renowned Tian Tian Buddha, Man Mo Temple and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. If you’re really active, you can also take a slow hike up to Victoria Peak and get a bird’s eye view of the city (you can also take The Peak Tram up if you do not wish to hike).

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Travel to the beautiful country of Vietnam to enjoy the culture, food and reconnect with nature.

Food: Looking to try Phở (rice noodles) in Vietnam? Why not head to Phở Phú Vương! Located in Ho Chi Minh, it is often touted as one of the best Phở in Vietnam. Try the famous rice noodles accompanied with various different cuts and types of meat, and determine which combination is the best on your own! While in Vietnam, also be sure not to miss out on other Vietnamese dishes such as, Bánh Mì (Vietnamese sandwich), Bún Chả (vermicelli noodles with pork), as well as, Cà Phê Trứng (egg coffee)! 

Culture: Ho Chi Minh is a city that is very rich in history and heritage. Visit the Miếu Bà Thiên Hậu (Thien Hau Temple) that was built in the 19th century or spend the day visit museums such as the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City or Independence Palace! From ancient to recent history, along with architecture with both asian and western influence, there is something for everyone!

Nature: Ha Long Bay is recognised as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is made up of numerous limestone islands that are surrounded by emerald waters. Travelling around the bay will allow you to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our natural environment! It is also a good reminder to us to do our part in protecting and conserving the nature around us!

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