APP UPDATE: All platforms are in Sync

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Gogovan_Android Update_v2-01

Both Android and iOS users now get to enjoy the new UI app update! 3 different delivery services, 3 ways to use GOGOVan. In case you didn’t know, GOGOVan is more than just vans. So need a courier, think of GOGOVan. Need to transport bulky items, think of GOGOVan. Need a lorry right now, GOGOVan it. Same day delivery with GOGOVan.

Three ways to use GOGOVan – same day delivery platform

  1. Deliver small goods: For door-to-door courier service of documents to packages under 10kg. If it fits into a shoebox, it’s a small good.
  2. Transport bulky and/or heavy goods: For large items like bicycles and furniture or anything over 30kg. Muscle power (required for heavy lifting or climbing stairs) is chargeable.
  3. Book a moving service: For relocation of office and homes, labour cost is already included. Do book this in advance!

One app does it all

If you haven’t tried GOGOVan for yourself, you can get instant quotations when you use the app. Download now: https://goo.gl/DtwBv5

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