How to Utilize Your Consumption Vouchers via Tap & Go on GOGOX?

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HKSAR Government has disbursed the first batch of consumption vouchers on 1 August 2021. Citizens can finally use consumption vouchers to shop and purchase goods that they want! If you buy heavy and bulky items in a physical store, you can call a GOGOVan and move it home directly; If you shop online and wish to receive the goods right away, GOGODelivery can help deliver to you immediately. Let GOGOX teach you how to use consumption vouchers via Tap & Go to enjoy transport or courier services in GOGOX App after you shop!

You can use credit cards for payment in GOGOX App regardless of using GOGOVan or GOGODelivery services, and the Tap & Go usage is actually very similar to the ordinary credit card payment. Users can directly add Tap & Go’s virtual card number to GOGOX App or GOGOBusiness web portal, and pay by the Tap & Go consumption vouchers.

First step:

Open the Tap & Go app, click on the “Consumption Vouchers Scheme” banner to enter the Consumption Vouchers account. Choose a Mastercard card or UnionPay card and click on the card face on the next page.

Photo source: (Tap & Go official website)


And then input your PIN code.

Photo source: (Tap & Go official website)


You will then see your Mastercard/UnionPay Card details.

Photo source: (Tap & Go official website)


Remember to switch on the “Online Payment” function as shown below before your “add card’ procedure, so that you can use the card for future GOGOX App payments.

Photo source: (Tap & Go official website)


Second Step:

Open the GOGOX App, click on “Payment”, and then select “Add a credit card”.

Lastly, input the above-mentioned Tap & Go virtual card information, and you can use the Consumption Vouchers to pay for GOGOX orders!

Use Consumption Vouchers to Top Up GOGOX Wallet

Apart from Transport (GOGOVan) and GOGODelivery order payments, you can also use Consumption Vouchers to top up your GOGOX wallet with the same method. Speed up your order placing and payment and make the whole experience even more convenient from now!

So now you know you can use Consumption Vouchers in Tap & Go to place Transport, Delivery orders and top up wallets in GOGOX with just simple two steps. For more information on how to use Consumption Vouchers via Tap & Go, please click here. Happy shopping!

Learn more about GOGOX: http://www.gogox.com/