GoGoX Business New Feature – Fixed Fee Moving from $88!

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Most of our GoGoX Business clients use GoGoVan service to arrange logistics on a daily basis, and may have to negotiate with drivers for the moving fee every time. To help you better control the logistics cost, save your bargaining time, and make your end-to-end order journey smoother, GoGoX has launched a new service for GoGoX Business users – Fixed Fee Moving. You can now enjoy this service from just $88!

What is Fixed Fee Moving?

No need to get quotes from the driver when you need door-to-door moving service anymore! If the goods are within the carrying capacity of 3 carts and the buildings have a lift, then the Fixed Fee Moving service can be applied to the order from $88.

How will my order be charged?

Fixed at $88 per cart, per side (pick-up or drop-off location each will be counted as 1 side). Apart from the moving service fee, the route fee and other miscellaneous fees (e.g. additional service, tunnel toll, car park fee, overtime waiting fee, etc.) will be charged at actual expense.

1 cart capacity:

  • 91cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 150cm (H) (not including the height of the cart)
  • Maximum cart load 75kg (not including the net weight of the cart)
  • Maximum 20 boxes/packages per cart while each box should not be more than 25kg
  • (e.g. if 1 box is 25kg, then only a maximum of 3 boxes can be loaded on the cart)

1 side:

Either the pick-up or drop-off location that requests moving help, carrying goods from a building unit to the car park by taking a lift (or vice versa), will be counted as 1 side.

1 free cart rental is included. If the goods are more than 1 cart capacity, you will need to choose 2 carts or 3 carts. If there are more than 3 carts, you need to negotiate with the driver.

Service Remarks: Driver Partner quote is required if the order does not fit either one of the situations below.

  • Buildings are with lifts (Each location can include a maximum of 3 stair steps at the lift lobby)
  • Carpark (within 50m) should be available at the pick-up or drop-off locations
  • The total amount of goods are within the carrying capacity of 3 carts per location
  • Need to queue at the warehouse (air freight, shipping, public warehouse, etc.) at either pick-up or drop-off location
  • Request multi-waypoint (Point A>Point B>Point C)
  • The goods must be packed with boxes or bags to avoid the fallen of goods from the cart during moving.

How to place a Fixed Fee Moving order?

Log in to your GOGOBusiness account > Select Transport service order placing > Select “Move goods door-to-door” under “Additional service” when you place an order. Log in now to try this new feature out!

Register to GoGoX Business, enjoy $88 Fixed Fee Moving

Always need van and delivery services for furbishing, online store delivery, sending food ingredients, exhibition move-in / move-out, etc, but still not yet have a  GoGoX Business account? Apply now and enjoy Fixed Fee Moving from $88. You don’t need to negotiate the price for moving anymore, and can enjoy a smoother transport experience! Click here to sign up as a GoGoX Business user now for free.

Apart from the fixed moving fee, in case of any dispute, the actual charges are subject to the GOGOX platform charging policy. If you have any inquiries, you may contact our GoGoX Business Team at (852) 3590 8975 from Monday to Sunday, 8am-8pm. Click here for more details about Fixed Fee Moving!