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In 2021, Hong Kong people are more aware of their lifestyle, they want to eat healthier. Unfortunately, not many people have the time to cook every day. Nutrition Kitchen sees this latest trend and provides daily healthy meals designed by body composition experts.

In order to deliver the meals to their customers every early morning starting from 6 am, they choose GOGOX’s custom solutions.

GOGOX’s custom solutions provide flexible delivery plans to fulfill every SME need. We gladly invited the founder of

Nutrition Kitchen, Josh, to give us feedback and feelings in using GOGOBusiness custom solutions.

Q1. Why do you choose GOGOX as your logistics partner? Why is it good for meal plan delivery?

Josh: Delivery is such an essential part of the customer experience of our business. GOGOX has provided a service that is punctual and professional. Our customers receive their meals on time before their day starts and are sent notifications upon arrival. Our customer retention has seen a lift due to their amazing service.

Q2. Which service from GOGOX you use the most?

Josh: We have an early delivery window so having GOGOX be able to accommodate our preferred timing has been huge for us. We have a tight 3-hour window to deliver. GOGOX has allowed us to scale and maintain an exceptionally strong on-time delivery rate.

Q3. How can this service help grow your business?

Josh: Nutrition Kitchen has doubled its business so far this year. What GOGOX has allowed us to do is scale without worrying about our delivery capabilities. There is a huge pool of dedicated drivers we can pull upon and depend on to execute deliveries in a highly professional manner. Without GOGOX we would not have been able to grow to where we are today.

Q4. How is the delivery experience with GOGOX Custom Solutions so far?

Josh: We used to have issues with customers not fully sure when their meals daily delivery would be made. The GOGOX communication with our clients has smoothened out this issue.

Thank you Josh and Nutrition Kitchen for the feedback and support. GOGOX will keep assisting different business clients to solve their logistic demand and increase revenue! If you want to know more about the custom solutions service, please visit GOGOX’s custom solutions page!


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