Add multiple payment cards to pay now!

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Starting from today, users can now add up to 4 credit or debit cards to your account. You can use your family, friends, or company card to pay the order or top-up your wallet balance in the app.

To add more than one payment card:

Method 1:

1) Go to sidebar and click “Payment & Coupons”.
2) Under “Payment card”, click “+ Add card” to add your cards.
3) Choose the card and click “Set as default card” to set your default payment card.

Method 2:

Or you can add or change your payment card in the order process:
1) Above “Review order” and “Place order” button in the order process, the default payment will be shown.
2) Tab it to change payment method.
3) Add cards or change another payment card as you wish.
4) Choose the card and click “Set as default card” to make it your default payment card.




Remember to update your app to the newest version to add cards!

For inquiries, please call GOGOX customer service hotline at +852 2337 1234.

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