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We have made some enhancements to the UX/ UI of the GoGoX web portal after reviewing all of our customer feedback.

With these enhancements, your experience on the web portal is improved for efficiency leading to a boost in productivity.

Updated login page

You can toggle easily between languages with the options prominently displayed on the login page.

New login page:

More efficient signup experience

You now have the ability to request an API connection directly at signup.

New signup experience:

Improved date filtering within order management

You can now type in the date or dates you wish to filter through, rather than clicking on the navigation arrows.

New date filters:

More efficient sidebar menu

You have access to the Shopify integration within the menu.

Profile pictures are now more obvious and help with user-identification. We’ve also updated various icons and parts of the interface.

New sidebar menu:

Transaction type table

You are now able to search and filter orders by type, based on labels you, or members of your team, set.

Updated order management table

Orders can also be filtered by name, address or phone number. Master users can view an additional ‘Placed by’ column to see which user from which branch placed an order.

There are improvements to the waypoint information:

  • – Now, pick-up and drop-off information is better displayed
  • – All of the sender’s contact information is now in its own column, as is the recipient’s information
  • – For orders that have multiple stops, the ‘Route’ column will show the number of midway points
  • – Cancelled orders have an updated order price UI

Order management improvements:

New order sharing and printing options

Now, you can send your order record via email, WhatsApp or simply copy the link and paste it. There’s also a print option for you to keep a physical copy of the order or to save it digitally.


For inquiries, please call GoGoX customer service hotline at +852 2337 1234.

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