Candle Up Interview: How MTR Same-Day Self Pick & Drop delivery Boosts Eco-friendly for Online Shopping


GoGoX’s MTR Same-Day Self Pick & Drop delivery service has been launched, and currently, customers can use this service at 7-11 shops in 4 MTR stations (Hong Kong Station, Nam Cheong Station, Kowloon Tong Station, Kwun Tong Station). With a fee of just HKD $10 per order, goods can be delivered to another MTR station pick-up point in as fast as 2 hours, providing a more convenient and affordable delivery service for online shops and second-hand item transactions.

After the launch of the Self Pick & Drop delivery service, we discovered that this service not only makes delivery more convenient but also promotes environmental protection. In addition to the need for online shops to ship goods to customers, some online shops also provide goods replenishment services. This time, we found the owner of Candle Up, Miss Rhythma Berry, to explain how the MTR station self-drop-off and pick-up service makes it convenient for her customers to use the candle replenishment service.

1. What is Candle Up? Tell us about your brand and business!

Rhythma: Candle Up started 8 years ago in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to help give a new life to used ceramics & glass jars that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Moreover, I just had my first baby and I wanted to burn toxin-free candles. Unable to find any I started making my own.

2. What is the pain point of return and refill in your business? Why is it important for customers to return the jar?

Every Candle Jar in the landfill takes more than 2000 or more years to decompose depending on the size.

While our customers are very keen to refill their empty jars, bringing the jars to & fro for refill has been cumbersome for those living far from our workshop.

3. How does the MTR pick-up service play a part in jar return and refill now?


The jars can be dropped at any one of these MTR stations (with a prior appointment) and they’ll get transferred to Hongkong MTR the same day from where our staff will collect the jars.


Within 24-72 hours, the jars will be refilled and sent back to one of these MTR stations (with prior appointment) so they can pick up the jars the very same day from one of the pick-up locations. This service will be free of charge for any order of 2 or more jars. (400ml minimum). We refill candle jars of any type regardless of the brand shape or size.


Starting today, you can use GoGoX’s MTR Same-Day Self Pick & Drop service.

Simply open the GoGoX App and select the “MTR” page to place your order.

MTR Same-Day Self Pick & Drop service stations:

・Hong Kong Station HOK30 Shop (Exits D, E)

・Kowloon Tong Station KOT 2 Shop (In-gate lobby, near elevator)

・Kwun Tong Station KWT 28 Shop (Exit C, near Kwun Tong Plaza)

・Nam Cheong Station NAC 19-20 Shop (In-gate lobby, near Exits A, B)

For more details and usage tutorials on self-drop-off and pick-up:



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