MTR Same-Day Delivery Service - Self Pick & Drop

GoGoX, MTR, and 7-Eleven join hands to launch “MTR  Same-Day Delivery Service’ 

Just drop off your parcel at a designated MTR station’s 7-Eleven, 

we will transport the package  to another designated station for self-pickup as soon as 2 hours after drop-off

Shipping fee is  just HK$10 per parcel

MTR 7-Eleven - Self-Pick & Drop Points

Parcel Drop-off & Pick-up Time

Today is the only delivery time option available. If you would like to receive your order today, you must place your order before 4:30 pm. After your order is confirmed, you must take the parcel to the selected MTR station’s 7-Eleven to drop it off before 5:30pm today.


Drop-off at 7-Eleven 

10:00am – 5:30pm 

Pick-up at 7-Eleven

2 hours after drop-off –  same-day 9:00pm

*No Service on Sat & Sun 

Parcel Size & Weight

MTR line Parcel Delivery Service

Type: Document, Parcel

Max Weight:  3kg or below 

Max length of each side:  ≤ 40cm; 

Sum of L, H, W: ≤ 100cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. You must pick it up before 9 pm same day, otherwise, the parcel will be returned to the warehouse. Please contact us on Whatsapp (52863204) for the arrangement. An extra shipping fee will be charged. Self-pickup at the warehouse is not available.

Documents, personal belongings, non-food (electronics, apparel, skincare, households, etc.),  dry goods, wine (single)


Takeaways, fragile and delicate baked goods,  any type of ballo0ns (including but not limited to metallic balloons), cash, valuables, prohibited weapons, flowers or plants, dangerous or flammable goods, e.g. paint, thinners, pressurised gas, perishable foods, e.g. frozen seafood, meat and dairy, wines (box)  

Any package that is poorly packaged will be rejected. it  should be : 

1. Securely packed in boxes, plastic mailing bags, or insulated bags

2.Properly sealed and should not leak   

3.Pack liquid, soft or fragile items with suitable packing material 


When the capacity at 7-Eleven is full,  the service will be suspended, please come back and check later

Open GoGoX App > Your orders > MTR > Select Order ID > Click tracking page to open a page with a QR code 

 You pay when you place an order with GoGoX App. You cannot pay at 7-Eleven.  Accept Credit Card or GoGoX Wallet only. No Cash.

7-Eleven will reject your drop-off and order will be cancelled. Shipping fee will not be refunded.

You cannot change the pickup or drop-off station after you have placed the order.

7-Eleven’s pick-up time is until 9:00 pm. After that, all packages will be returned to the warehouse. Please contact us on Whatsapp (52863204) for the arrangement.  

Yes, you can give the SMS content and QR code to someone else to collect the parcel. Also, your mobile number is needed for verification at the pick-up point. 

Shippers can track the parcel on GoGoX App and the tracking link from the SMS.  

GoGoX provides cargo compensation promises to our services in cases of damage or loss of goods during transit up to HK$500. Please complete the compensation request email and send it to our cargo compensation mailbox within 24 hours of the incident ([email protected]), together with the relevant documents and pictures. Click here for the cargo compensation procedure and email template. 

Notice of Service Suspension: Starting from July 17th, MTR station self-pickup service will be temporarily suspended until further notice. During the suspension period, you may choose to use our same-day or next-day home delivery service. We hope to resume the self-pickup service as soon as possible and serve you again.