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It’s 2021 and on-demand delivery, e-commerce, and remote working will continue to thrive. With businesses expecting a surge in demand for last-mile delivery, outsourcing your deliveries may be a great fit for your business model. Introducing GOGOBusiness Prepaid, your last-mile delivery solution that will not only improve your customers’ experience, but also lower your operations costs and more!


We provide on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services. We can help you deliver goods, e-commerce items, gifts, move furniture, documents, and more to your office, home and events. GOGOX connects you with thousands of drivers on the roads to allow you to get quick and efficient services on-demand, with the flexibility to schedule a pick-up immediately or scheduled days ahead.

What is GOGOBusiness Prepaid?

GOGOBusiness Prepaid is a prepaid account that allows you to make GOGOX bookings using GOGO Credits. All you have to do is to create a GOGOBusiness account, top-up your prepaid wallet (1 GOGO Credit = S$1), and you are ready to create a booking!

Perks of GOGOBusiness

。Most importantly, enjoy exclusive benefits with a GOGOBusiness prepaid account.
。15% bonus credits for first-time top up and 8% bonus credits for subsequent top ups (limited time only)

。Add multiple users to a single account
。Track your GOGOX deliveries on the go
。Download your order history for basic expense and order management

Start now with 3 simple steps


Sign up here

What are you waiting for? Start growing your business with GOGOBusiness Prepaid today!

 How Can GOGOX Help You?

Select the size of the GOGOX transport vehicle that will best suit all your delivery needs. We provide a wide range of delivery options from motorcycles, cars, vans to lorries to suit your budget. You can even choose how much additional manpower help you require for the most savings with customizable manpower addition options (vans and lorries only). In addition, add multiple waypoints if you prefer having one driver go to a few collection points and deliver all the items to you.

Moreover, you can now experience immediate logistical support and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach our Customer Service Support daily from 8am to 10pm at 6836-1110. With GOGOX, you will experience efficient, reliable and care-free logistics service for all your business needs.

Additionally, we provide seasonal bonus credits and customised services for your business’s logistics needs on our GOGOBusiness platform. Do not hesitate to write in to [email protected] or call 6836-1110 if you have any questions.

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