What makes an online store fast and reliable?

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The year-end festive season is coming up! With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all around the corner, it could turn out to be a shopper’s paradise or an online business owner’s nightmare. If you are an online shop business owner, you know what we mean. 

As shoppers get all excited for the limited edition sales items they are able to find online, things can still turn out to be a disaster after check-out. Problems like delayed delivery, damaged goods, lost items, slow response for queries and other logistical issues could be the greatest nightmare for both shoppers and business owners.

For many online shop owners, the after checkout experience could very well make or break their online business. As a shopper, it will probably be the signal for one to not purchase from any online shop which they encounter failed (or less than desired) delivery outcomes.

What are the 4 factors that both online store owners and consumers should be looking out for when it comes to online shopping? 

1) Speed – Deliver fast!

With our current on-demand consumer trend,  waiting 3 to 4 days for a local item to be delivered is not what a customer should have to go through. With the availability of same day, on-demand delivery services, shopping online has just got closer to creating the feeling of instant gratification which physical stores can provide, but at the click of your fingertips.

GOGOVan caters to different delivery needs, from documents and small items to heavy and bulky products. Skip the waiting time to find your friend’s van or your uncle’s truck. You can now start delivering fast with GOGOVan. Check for a quote here with some of your most frequent routes. 

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2) Peace of mind – Track and Trace System

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If you’ve ever done online shopping, you would understand the importance of tracking system. Tracking makes customers feel secure since they know some information such as delivery time, estimated arrival time, etc. As an online store owner, tracking platforms such as Parcel Monitor helps to keep you updated with the status of all your parcels, both local and international delivery. Delivery apps with GPS integration such as GOGOVan also allows you to know where your delivery driver is.

3) Reliability – Customer Service Support

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A professional customer service support team which solves all customers’ problems and inquiries is definitely a winner. If you are a small business owner and you do not have enough manpower, set up an AI customer support chatbot to assist you. Informative replies and quick response time will define the reliability of an online business for consumers.

4) Rating and review

Never underestimate the power of ratings and reviews. Reviews allow companies to assess their services and to improve their business. At the same time, other customers can determine if the service and products are suitable by reading through user reviews. 

Always remember to rate and to review the product or service which you have paid for via the business’ platform or app. This is important, especially for popular collective shopping apps, as you will be able to help other customers make a sound purchasing decision based on your buying experience. 

For example, when you have completed a GOGOVan service, remember to leave a review for your driver so as to help us improve driver quality and service for you and future customers. 

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About GOGOVan:

We offer the ultimate solution; on-demand delivery services anyday, anytime for small items like vouchers, and deliver bulky items such as furniture, equipment, event logistics even home moving! Now, with just a few clicks on the GOGOVan App, you can schedule for your Mid-Autumn mooncakes and hamper deliveries to anywhere in Singapore, be it a corporate delivery or for your family and friend!

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