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Moving bulky and heavy appliances can be one of the most challenging tasks to do. It requires ample planning from wrapping of the appliances and furniture, to manpower and transportation.

Today, we are going to give you some tips on moving the REFRIGERATOR! These tips are sure to help you when you are planning on transporting an old refrigerator or when you are purchasing a second-hand refrigerator to be used in your new home. 

A few days before moving the refrigerator:

– Empty your refrigerator and freezer of food and drinks. In case you can’t consume them all, you may put them into boxes or give them away to your friends or neighbours.
– Prepare a large amount of moving wrapping papers, bubble wrap, and tapes.

One Day before moving:

– Take out the reminding food and drinks, movable parts such as shelves, trays, and drawers. Wrap them properly with wrapping papers.
– Unplug the refrigerator and coil the power cord.
– Defrost. This must be done as it prevents water leakage during the day of moving. Do it at least 24 hours in advance as the process normally takes 6-8 hours to complete.
-After defrosting, you will need to wipe the fridge in the morning.  
-Secure the fridge door by using packing tape or shrink-wrap. This will help to secure the door and prevent damage during transportation.

Additional Tips:

1. The fridge should be kept upright and never placed vertically as this would harm the cooling system especially the compr、essors.

2. Much care is involved in moving the refrigerator. You need to carefully slide the fridge away from the wall and roll it slowly to the truck.

3. Do not try to move the refrigerator ALONE. To prevent any damage or injury, you should hire additional hands.

Hire a GOGOVan 
For bulky and larger items (such as the refrigerator), hiring a 10ft lorry and above is always the better choice.

Do remember to:
1. Add in the number of helpers you need.
2. Ask for the costing for bubble wrapping and taping services.
3. If you do need boxes, you can purchase them from specialized cardboard box companies such as packeverything.com. Alternatively, you can ask your driver if he sells any, or if he has contacts who sells cardboard boxes.


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