4 Gift Ideas for Mid-Autumn — and no, it’s not just Mooncakes

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Mid Autumn is around the corner and it is a family tradition for many Chinese families in Asia. In Singapore, not only is it a must to send sweet mooncake treats, here is a list of the 3  gift ideas that you can deliver to your family and friends to enjoy this Mid-Autumn festival.

1) Pomelos and Watermelons


Have family members or friends who are watching their sugar intake or just being weight conscious? Pomelo and fruits will be the best goodies to buy during a mid-autumn gathering to get everyone included in the feasting!

Boosting high levels of vitamin C and potassium, pomelos is also a symbol of prosperity and good luck for many Asians. Another fruit that your family can enjoy during mid-autumn is the watermelon. Besides being a juicy after-meal desert, the seeds in a watermelon symbolizes fertility and the round shape symbolizes family reunion.

Thinking of buying for office gathering or extended family gatherings, you can head over to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre to get the freshest fruits at wholesale prices for big parties. You can even make it into a fruit hamper for friends who like a variety of juicy treats.

Worried on how to carry all those heavy fruits home or to your office? Fret not. There’s always GOGOVan to help you deliver all those “heavyweight” delectables from the wholesale market to your office and home!

2) Flowers, Flowers Everywhere


Beautiful flowers are a must for any household during all Chinese festivities. Lilies, Orchids and Spider Chrysanthemums, are all popular flowers to buy or to be given as gifts during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Skip the queue at the physical stores and start ordering online! If the usual major online florists are too much for your gift budget, you can choose to order from boutique online florists who are able to get your flower picks customized to your own liking. You get your flowers delivered to your mom or business clients by GOGOVan under the service option 1 – “Deliver small goods” on same day that you order it!

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3) Mooncake Vouchers and Greeting Cards

GOGOVan Thank You Delivery Card Mid Autumn Mooncake

Not sure which flavour of mooncakes your business clients might like? With the wide array of choices available, sometimes choosing which mooncakes to buy for your clients can be difficult task. You might think that you are being in trend by buying the latest “Durian Gula Melaka with Pumpkin Seed Snowskin mooncake for your loyal client, but it might turn out that he/she is still very much a traditional lotus paste mooncake lover, and it will be killer if he/she turned out to be allergic to certain nuts and seeds. (Oh no!)

Well, you get the whole idea. You don’t want to buy the wrong treat when it is meant to be a gift.

Consider getting a retail voucher from a trustworthy restaurant, hotel or bakery. It saves you the trouble of having to think of what to give, and at the same time, it gives your client a choice of buying what they like!

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4) Lantern Making Workshop Tickets


Gift your family a lantern making experience and get the kids excited to customize their very own lantern for the mid-autumn reunion night.

Mid-Autumn is not a boring traditional festival that only involves only food! Have a great family bonding time and some up for a creative lantern making workshop like this one by the Singapore Esplanade.


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