Industrial And Start-up Transport: Why You Should Use GOGOVan!

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Supply, goods and logistics transport is not an easy task. With many companies storing their goods in warehouses in the industrial estates in Singapore, they often require transport services to move these goods from industrial estates to retail areas, convention centres and even other industrial estates. However, you can make your logistical process effortless when you use GOGOVan now! Experience efficient same-day and on-demand transport service. Read on to find out more!

Industrial Estates to Industrial Estates

*Transport prices (shown above) do not include surcharges such as ERP charges, parking fees, waiting time charges. 

Transporting goods or equipment from one warehouse to another? Use GOGOVan! Transport a full van load of items from Changi South Industrial Park to Ubi to for just $27 (self-service, without manpower). With optional manpower options, you can select if you will require your driver’s help with the moving of your items. You can save $15 by just moving your items to your driver’s van on your own!

Industrial Estates to Retail Areas

*Base transport prices (shown above) do not include surcharges such as ERP charges, parking fees, waiting time charges. 

Transporting company goods from the warehouse in Yishun to a retail outlet (e.g: Jurong Point in the above image)? Making regular transport deliveries can be difficult to handle. Additionally, you will also require regular and immediate logistical support. Use GOGOVan! Transport your goods from Yishun Industrial Park to Jurong West for just $34 (self-service, without manpower)! Never experience difficulties with supply and stock transport for your retail outlet again!

Start-up Estates to Convention Centres

*Base transport prices (shown above) do not include surcharges such as ERP charges, parking fees, waiting time charges. All prices are based on the prices for 2.4m van.

For start-ups, marketing your service or products at conventions is extremely important. Is your company attending a convention at one of the popular convention/exhibition centers in Singapore? Let GOGOVan help you transport your exhibition items to the convention center! Above is an example of transporting your items from Ayer Rajah Block71 to Suntec Convention Centre for just $26 (self-service, without manpower)! You save a whopping $10 (as compared to our competitors) even with 1 manpower!

Single’s (11.11) Day Business Promotion

This Single’s Day, let GOGOVan support your company’s increased logistical needs! For all VAN and LORRY orders only, use the promotional code “SINGLESNEW” for $8 off your first order if you are new to GOGOVan! For our loyal customers, use “SINGLES3” for $3 off your VAN and LORRY orders! 

*Promotional Code is valid till 11 Nov 2019.

**Promotional Code is only valid for van and lorry bookings for transport and moving service.

How Can GOGOVan Help You?

Select the size of the GOGOVan transport vehicle that will best suit all your needs. With customisable manpower addition options, you can even choose how much additional help you require for the most savings! Furthermore, experience immediate logistical support, make a booking on the GOGOVan App and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach our Customer Service Support Staff daily from 9am to 6pm at 6836 1110. With GOGOVan, experience efficient, reliable and care-free service.

Additionally, to find out more about how you can use GOGOVan for your business, do not hesitate to write to [email protected] for enquiries and corporate quotations!

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