What Should You Look Out For At Jewel Changi Airport?

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With the opening of Jewel Changi Airport, it has not only become the talk of the town in Singapore but abroad as well! Singapore’s newest and grandest shopping centre is located at the heart of our world-renowned Changi Airport! With all the buzz about Jewel Changi Airport, here are some of the key features and stores that you definitely must not miss when visiting Jewel!

Unique Features

Singapore is known to be the world’s greenest city! Jewel attempts to replicate Singapore on a smaller scale! The instantly-recognisable Rain Vortex is surrounded by a large array of greenery. These include the Shiseido Forest Valley and the Canopy Park that contain the Petal Garden and Topiary Walk. While exploring Jewel experience the greenery that Singapore is known for! With all these sights, visiting Jewel will most definitely be a highly memorable experience!


Retail options are also limitless. Jewel presents a large range of international brands, from the most popular to ones that you should definitely explore and learn more about! Jewel is host to the very first Pokemon Centre located outside of Japan! It also contains the second Apple store located in Asia (the first is located on Orchard Road)! Furthermore, famous brands like Nike have decided to situate their largest in store in the whole of Southeast Asian and Indian in Jewel as well.

Food & Beverage

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When you visit Jewel, be sure to look out for all the new food options that are available exclusively at Jewel. Many popular food brands, franchises, and chains have decided to debut their first store in Singapore at Jewel. These include brands such as Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster and the return of the fast food chain A&W!

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