6 Tips To Countdown To New Year’s Eve

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Most Singaporeans usher in the New Year with various countdown gatherings and celebrations. Whether you are organizing or attending an office party or having a cozy gathering with friends and families, here are some do’s and don’ts to look out for this festive season.


If you drink, Don’t drive

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Call me old-fashioned all you want, but as our Singapore Traffic Police has always advised —  “If you Drink, Don’t Drive”. The number of car accidents in Singapore has been increasing significantly every year, especially during the year-end celebratory period.

Being a responsible driver means taking care of other road users too. Instead of driving, you can choose to take a taxi or public transport. Public transport authorities have also extended operating hours to ensure all Singaporeans can party with ease. Get all the extended timings for MRTs and buses here.

Don’t order too much food

Food waste accounts for about 10 percent of the total waste generated in Singapore, but only 16 percent of the food waste is recycled*.

For office or home party gatherings, many of us will choose to order our food spread from various food delivery apps or caterers. How do you decide how much to order? More often than not, we will always order too much food and everyone would be feeling too stuffed to “clear” the leftovers.

One way to prevent this is to order 1 to 2 pax less, as some of your guests would probably be coming after another party or some of them are on a certain “diet”. Alternatively, you can get some clean containers ready to allow your guests to pack the leftovers home. 

Another great way to let your guests feel inclusive is to get everyone to pot luck a certain food item in small amounts. Since there will be more variety, a little of everything goes a long way!

* Statistics from Singapore’s National Environment Agency as shown here.

Don’t get glued to your phone

What is the first thing most guests will probably do when they go visiting somebody else’s home or a new hangout location? From “catching” monsters to checking out where else people are partying at on social media, almost everyone is glued to their phone all the time.

Make it a point to chat with your loved ones and ask them about their new year resolutions for 2019!


Have an eco-friendly party 

It’s always easy to reach out for disposables when we have a party or gathering. Just because you are ordering food in for home parties, does not mean you need to use their disposable utensils. Do indicate under the “remarks” section that you don’t need any paper plates and plastic cutlery.

For Xmas and New Year gifts, avoid purchasing fancy wrapping paper and excessive ribbons. Instead, you can use old A4 papers (just use coloured markers to decorate the plain side), newspapers or magazine papers to wrap gifts.

Get everyone to name one thing or person they are grateful for

We have slogged for the whole year and there has been ups and downs. Instead of worrying for the New Year, let’s get everyone to be grateful for what they have learned and experienced in 2018. A fulfilling session to give thanks and share your goals for the new year is a sure fire way to get everyone motivated about 2019!

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