How To Shop Smart At IKEA With GOGOVan

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IKEA Chinese New Year Delivery with the help of GOGOVan

Many Singaporeans purchase furniture from IKEA. However, with IKEA’s wide range of furniture selections, doing your festive shopping can be a daunting task. In the following article, we will guide you through how to shop smart at IKEA with GOGOVan. This will ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. It will also help you make the right decisions so that you have the best savings!

Prepare Before Shopping

Plan your trip in advance

Always make sure to be well prepared before you do your shopping at IKEA. Thoroughly look through IKEA’s website for the best offers that they have to offer. During festive seasons, IKEA will regularly have exclusive discounts for certain products. If you do proper planning on what you would like to purchase before heading down to IKEA, you will be able to have the most savings. After shopping, do check out GOGOVan’s kiosk, where you may get discounts for your same-day deliveries!

Customise Your Trip For More Savings

Have to right to customize your delivery

Choosing the right customisable options when booking your GOGOVan can also help you save more! Most delivery services promote their service with pricings that include allocated manpower to help you with the moving of your items.

While this sounds more cost effective, you should also consider the fact that you may not always require extra manpower for all your deliveries. Occasionally, you may purchase bulky but lightweight items. In this case, why not just ask for help from your friends or family members at your destination to assist you in carrying these items? In this way, you will only be paying for the transportation fees, which even includes complimentary loading and unloading. Due to this, our prices are lower than other service providers.

However, if you deem that you do need manpower, you can simply add it to your delivery order. Even then, our prices stays comparable with other services that you can find on the market!

Therefore, our customisable delivery options allow you to have the flexibility that you deserve to choose if you would like to request for additional manpower. Our friendly GOGOVan drivers can even lend you their trolley for you to move your items from the delivery point to your home for no charge! By doing this, you can have the most savings when it comes to your same-day item deliveries!

Stay In Contact With Your GOGOX Driver

Contact your driver and Ensure that there is effective communication

Stay in close contact with your driver at all times. For the smoothest deliveries, effective communication with your driver is very important. After placing an order on our GOGOVan application platform, you will be matched with a driver.

Once the driver has accepted your delivery order, his particulars such as his name, contact number and car plate number will be sent to you via the application. This would allow you to contact the driver who has taken your order.

Be sure to call him and inform him of the specific and exact location that you wish for him to pick up your items for delivery. Furthermore, always inform your driver as soon as possible if you have changes in instructions. This would ensure that he will be able to serve you better by being punctual! In this way, it will be a smooth and pleasant journey for both you and your driver.

Get Support

Get support from GOGOVan's customer service

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you have any enquiries. GOGOVan’s customer service team is available 7 days a week, everyday from 9am to 6pm to answer an questions that you may have and support you throughout your booking and transporting journey! Furthermore, if you are purchasing items from IKEA Alexandra, our friendly assistants at our permanent GOGOVan kiosk will always be there to help guide you through the booking process. You may even enjoy discounts during IKEA promotional periods!

Get Help from GOGOVan

So why wait any longer? Be ready for this Chinese New Year by decorating your home with beautiful brand new furniture. Download the GOGOVan application and be matched with our friendly GOGOVan delivery drivers! You can book the vehicle that you need now and get your item delivered now! Also, do not forget to visit our GOGOVan kiosk at IKEA Alexandra this festive season for exclusive discounts. Our GOGOVan drivers are Delivering Happiness to everyone during this festive period.

About GOGOVan:

We provide on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, courier documents, plants, etc to your office, your home and to any event. GOGOVan connects you with the thousands of drivers on the roads every day to allow you to get quick and efficient services, same-day and on-demand, with the flexibility to schedule for a pick-up or delivery one month before, or one hour before the time you need it.

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (Appstore / Play Store), and place a booking at your fingertips!

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