100% Transport Order Matching Guarantee Terms & Conditions

You acknowledge and agree:

1. This 100% Transport Order Matching Guarantee (the “Guarantee”) is only applicable to transport orders (vans and trucks) placed by GoGoX Business customers during the period from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) (the “Guarantee Period”).

2. This Guarantee is only applicable to GoGoX Business customers and applies to transport orders (van and trucks) placed.

3. This Guarantee does not apply if the order time (based on the order request time displayed in the customer’s order) is not within the Guarantee Period.

4. This Guarantee applies to GoGoX Business customers who prepay with a credit card, their GoGoX wallet balance, as well as GoGoX Business customers who pay through monthly settlements.

5. This Guarantee does not apply to transport orders (vans and trucks) that are cancelled by the GoGoX Business customer within 10 minutes of placing the order, or orders that are requested for more than 30 minutes before the relevant pick-up time.

6. GoGoX’s driver-partners have the right to cancel unreasonable or illegal requests. In these cases, this Guarantee does not apply.

7. This Guarantee means that GoGoX will ensure that within the Guarantee Period, the GoGoX Business customer’s request can be matched successfully with GoGoX’s driver-partners. However, if within the Guarantee Period the order is not matched, the relevant customer can apply for a coupon under this Guarantee by calling the GoGoX Business hotline at 3590-8975 or by email to [email protected].

8. Any coupons related to this Guarantee (if any) will be sent to the GoGoX Business customers’ account within 3 working days after GoGoX accepts the application for the coupon. The coupon is generally valid for 7 days, starting from the day it is sent to the relevant account, and will be invalid after it expires.

9. The coupon (if any) is a 50% discount coupon (up to the value of HK$50) and can be used on the next transport order (van or truck), and the discount cannot be transferred to another account, refunded, returned to any credit card or bank account, transferred, resold or exchanged for cash.

10. All of GoGoX’s records in relation to the Guarantee shall be considered as final and conclusive.

11. GoGoX reserves the right to change, extend, terminate, and/or cancel this Guarantee and amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. If there is any dispute about this Guarantee, GoGoX reserves the right of final decision.

12. If there is any suspected fraud, violation of any regulations, or inappropriate behaviour, and the GoGoX Business account or/and eligibility to participate in this Guarantee is terminated, GoGoX reserves the right to take any necessary legal action, recover the coupons deposited or paid to the customer under this Guarantee, and any legal liability or loss incurred by the customers’ behaviour.

13. GoGoX’s services are also subject to its terms and conditions. For details, please refer to: https://www.gogox.com/hk/terms/

(Last updated on: Jul 2023)