GOGOVan enters a new chapter with refreshing new identity GOGOX

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GOGOVan enters a new chapter with refreshing new identity GOGOX
Consolidating its logistics network with GOGOBusiness and GOGODelivery

(8 July 2020 – Hong Kong)  Established in 2013, GOGOVan is one of the first app-based logistics platforms in Asia, redefining and revitalising the traditional logistics industry with innovative technology. Approaching its seventh anniversary, GOGOVan’s businesses have gone beyond just van hailing, providing a diversified portfolio of logistics services. To convey the company’s long-term development strategy, GOGOVan officially rebrands to GOGOX today. Under the new brand, the company will continue its journey to accelerate the growth of the logistics industry.

GOGOX has evolved from a Hong Kong start-up to one of the largest logistics platforms in Asia with presence in seven Asia markets. The company has disrupted the logistics industry with pioneering technologies that instantly connects users with drivers. Over the past few years, GOGOX has continued to integrate technology and innovation to provide comprehensive logistics services. The company has served two million customers through van hailing, express delivery, home relocations and business services in Hong Kong. GOGOX symbolically reflects the company’s diligence to provide eXtraordinary eXperience with its eXpertise to drive eXponential growth for enterprises. The GOGOX client app and website have been upgraded to reflect the company’s new branding.

GOGOX Co-founder and CEO Mr. Steven Lam shared, “The birth of GOGOX is a remarkable milestone for us. The support and trust from our customers and logistics partners drive us forward to establish logistics offerings that are more scalable, efficient and innovative. The debut of GOGOBusiness and GOGODelivery has proven the versatility and possibilities of the logistics industry. The two services will benefit Hong Kong users with agile experiences and provide effective as well as value-added logistics services for businesses to overcome a challenging environment like now.

GOGOBusiness is dedicated to providing logistics services to micro-enterprises, SMEs and e-commerce customers. The service offers assistance from an exclusive customer service team and functional features such as multiple user accounts and bulk ordering, providing businesses with attractive logistics solutions with experienced professional consultation. In addition, GOGODelivery offers three delivery options, instant, 4-hour and same-day door-to-door delivery, to enable users to select the most ideal services according to their requirements of delivery speed, budget and service level. Individual users can use the service to conveniently send gifts, deliver urgent items and shop with the “Buy For You” proxy buying service, while upstairs and online shops, fresh fruit and food merchants can enjoy the most reliable same-day delivery service. 

Rooted in Hong Kong, GOGOX has expanded across Asia in recent years. Today, it operates in over 300 cities, with a network of 8 million registered drivers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan1, South Korea, India, Vietnam2 and Mainland China.

GOGOX is a great testimony of our success. We have thrived from the van hailing business and developed a more comprehensive logistics network,” Steven added. “The new brand enables us to further develop in Asia. I look forward to bringing our Hong Kong branding, business solutions, delivery services and value-added offerings to each and every corner of Asia to satisfy every consumer’s logistics needs on one single platform!”


Since its establishment 7 years ago, GOGOX has thrived from the van hailing business to provide individual and business customers with goods transport, delivery, business solutions and custom services. 



Established in 2013, GOGOX is one of the first mobile app-based logistics platforms in Asia committed to providing extensive logistics services through innovative technology. Formerly known as GOGOVan, the company has a competitive and diverse business portfolio, from van-hailing and instant delivery to customised logistics solutions. GOGOX instantly connects individuals and businesses with millions of logistics partners to fulfill all sorts of delivery needs, redefining the delivery experience by providing speedy, agile and convenient logistics services.

Over the years, GOGOX has expanded its businesses from Hong Kong to Singapore, mainland China, South Korea, India and Vietnam. Following a merger with 58 Suyun in August 2017, GOGOX has increased its presence to over 340 cities, with 4.5 million registered drivers under its network.

Learn more about GOGOX: http://www.gogox.com/

1. GOGOX has discontinued its operations in Taiwan. The GOGOX app and services remains available in Taiwan through our local cooperating company.

2. The GOGOX app and services are available in Vietnam through our local operating affiliate.