GOGODelivery – Introducing the Brand New “Buy For You” Service


Too busy to pick up daily essentials for your elderly parents and kids? Staying home due to the novel coronavirus situation but do have shopping needs? Can’t buy what you want online or shipment takes too long? Our new “Buy For You” service by GOGODelivery is here to help! 

Unlike other traditional delivery services, our couriers can purchase any items you need on your behalf. All you need to do is choose what you want with just a few taps on the GOGOX mobile app and we will do the rest. The couriers will prepay and deliver the order to your doorsteps within the same day!

Why do I need GOGODelivery  “Buy For You” Service?

  • Flexible services, satisfying your instant shopping needs
    • Enjoy the convenience of buying groceries and essential items without leaving your home or office
    • Our service covers same district to cross districts order, just simply place order on your phone and enjoy same day delivery anytime, anywhere
  • Standardised pricing, offering you affordable shopping experience
    • We have transparent and straightforward pricing. The “Buy For You” service fee ranges from $10 to $25, depending on value of the goods to be purchased (Up to $1500)

How can I use the “Buy For You” service?

Step 1: Open the GOGOX App, choose “Delivery”, enter the pick-up and drop-off point, then schedule your ideal delivery time. The pick-up can be any store of your choice, and drop-off can be the recipient’s home or office location.

Step 2: List out details of the goods you would like our courier to purchase for you (e.g. product type, name, and size) under “Remarks”. Then, press the “Buy For You” button and choose the corresponding value of your goods.

Step 3: Double check the information you entered, press “Place order” if it is good to go. Our couriers will contact you to confirm the shopping list, so you can sit back and relax while the items get delivered to your doorstep!

The “Buy For You” service is only applicable for goods worth less than $1500. Service fee will be charged according to the total value of your goods:

  • $10 for goods worth below $500
  • $20 for goods worth $501-1,000
  • $25 for goods worth $1,001-1,500

Gentle reminder: Please prepare sufficient cash (a total of the price of your goods and the corresponding service fee) or discuss a mutual agreed payment method with the courier in advance (e.g. Online payment platforms like PayMe, FPS) to facilitate a smooth delivery experience.

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