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Moving furniture can be extremely stressful and troublesome. Keep these 8 tips in mind so that you can have an easier transition into your new home/office.

#1 Plan 1-2 weeks in advance


Planning should take place a week or two earlier because you need time to pack and make final moving decisions. Don’t leave everything to the last day. 

#2 Prepare a checklist to avoid any missing items


The day of moving will be stressful and possibly chaotic. Marking down everything you need to move in a checklist would be helpful, in case you forget anything.

#3 Prepare well with some necessary tools


Tools like carton boxes, bubble wrap, tapes, scissors and cutters are needed to for proper packing. These tools can also help to prevent scratchers or breakage of items during the moving process.

#4 Confirm the availability of unloading place and size of elevator


Before the moving day, it is important to confirm the unloading place and size of the elevator. Choose a near yet spacious enough space for unloading to facilitate your moving. Double check the size of the elevator to ensure that large furniture items are able to fit in. 

#5 Choose the right time


Choosing the right time can definitely facilitate your moving experience. Try to move in during the midweek (Tues/Wed/Thurs) and avoid peak office hours.

#6 Remove items from drawers to reduce weight


Remember to remove all drawers or shelves from your furniture because it will be easier to deliver.  It also helps to prevent anything from falling out or getting scratched during the move.

#7 Plan where to put the items at the new place beforehand


Sketch a floor plan to plan where each item should go, especially for large-sized furniture items. This will help to speed up your moving process.

#8 Download GoGoVan and choose movers


Whether you are moving alone or require movers, GOGOVan can meet your moving needs. Simply DOWNLOAD the app, BOOK your delivery/moving service and leave the rest to us!


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