Is It Possible For Last Mile Logistics To Be Efficient?

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Transporting goods via airplane lines and rail networks is easy and efficient, as these forms of transportation are reliable, consistent and low cost. However, delivering the item to customer after it’s been handed over into the last leg of transportation is often ineffective and expensive – approximately 30% of total transportation cost. This is the problem with last mile delivery.

This is widely known as last mile problem, one of the most notorious issues of modern logistics. There are numerous reasons why last mile logistics can be inefficient for both business owners and customers:

1. For Business Owners


As a business owner, you’ll have enormous operations costs, waste of valuable time spent on rescheduling failed deliveries and only satisfying a handful customers.

Delivery delays, inconsistency and misshipment are major issues that can jeopardise and damage the reputation of your business. Last mile logistics often goes hand in hand with those exact issues, being not only super expensive, but also risky and unreliable.

Range of problems regarding last mile delivery is huge, and covers everything from inability to find a parking spot, to customer changing their mind in the meantime or being absent from home. Time span last mile logistics requires is simply too large for modern time and fast paced life it has brought upon us.

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2. For Customers


As a customer, individuals sought for reliable and instant delivery service that they can trust, and last mile logistics has simply proven to be everything but that.

We wish to change the way last mile delivery is perceived. Here at GOGOVan, we take pride in on-demand, same day delivery. Booking via the mobile app enables you to have transparency on the order details and the delivery status as well as location of the parcel/driver.

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