How to Grow your Business with GOGOVan? Case Study: Giga!

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Looking for a mobile plan with a whole lot of data? Need the plan to also allow you to make many calls? Well look no further! Starhub has launched its very own Giga. Giga is an all-digital service that brings you the best mobile plan at an affordable price! As a driver of GOGOVan, Giga is also supported by GOGOVan. Find out how GOGOVan helps Giga grow its business!

The Mobile Plan

Giga makes choosing your mobile plan simple! With only one awesome all-encompassing plan, you will not need to spend ages looking for the best deal that suits your needs.  

Giga offers you 25GB of data for just $25! Additionally, with 1,000 free SMS and 1,000 minutes of free talk time, you will no longer be restricted to solely using WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends. What’s more, Giga even provides a unique feature that allows you to rollover data for 2 months!

During Giga’s launch period, enjoy 1 month free subscription when you sign up before 18th June!

GOGOVan & Giga!

So, “How does GOGOVan assist Giga?” you may ask! At GOGOVan, we understand that urgency is very important to clients such as Giga. Giga’s promise to customers is that SIM cards that they order will arrive at their homes 24 hours after they place their order on the Giga app. With our same day and on-demand service, our riders ensure that Giga customers get their SIM cards delivered to them on time!

GOGOVan prides itself in efficiency and quality service! We believe that, for our clients to maximise their profit, they should not experience hiccups in their operations. Transport is a large part of this process and having a reliable driver is crucial in a successful company!

How Can GOGOVan Help You?

Select the size of the GOGOVan transport vehicle that will best suit all your needs. With customisable manpower addition options, you can even choose how much additional help you require for the most savings! Furthermore, experience immediate logistical support, make a booking on the GOGOVan App and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach our Customer Service Support Staff daily from 9am to 6pm at 6836 1110. With GOGOVan, experience efficient, reliable and care-free service.

Additionally, to find out more about how you can use GOGOVan for your business, do not hesitate to write in to [email protected] for enquiries and corporate quotations!

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About GOGOVan:

We provide on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, courier documents, plants, etc to your office, your home and to any event. GOGOVan connects you with the thousands of drivers on the roads every day to allow you to get quick and efficient services, same-day and on-demand, with the flexibility to schedule a pick-up or delivery one month before, or one hour before the time you need it.

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking at your fingertips!

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