Guide To Passenger Van Transport: Make Travelling Easy

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Heading to the Airport for a family trip this June holidays? Travelling to Sentosa as a big group? Use GOGOVan’s passenger van service today and travel around Singapore conveniently!

What is the GOGOVan Passenger Van Service?

This is GOGOVan’s first exclusive non-goods service! Passenger vans can transport up to 13 passengers and is the ideal mode of transport if you are planning to travel around Singapore in big groups. With GOGOVan’s passenger van service, you will never need to book multiple taxis when you travel in big groups again!

How do I book my GOGOVan Passenger Van?

Making a booking is simple and quick! All you need to do is follow these few simple steps and you will be riding onboard on your own GOGOVan passenger van in no time! You will need to:

  1. Call GOGOVan’s Customer Service Hotline at 6836 1110.
  2. Inform our friendly Customer Service staff that you would like to book a GOGOVan passenger van.
  3. Advise our Customer Service staff of your contact details and order details (such as, passenger pick up time, booking date, number of passengers, etc.).
  4. Allow for up to 6 hours for a confirmation call from our Customer Service staff once they have successfully matched you to a driver.
  5. Receive your driver’s contact details from our Customer Service staff and proceed to contact your driver.
  6. And Voila! You are set!

Important Points To Note:

  • Always be sure to make your booking at least 24 hours before your required pick up time.
  • Make sure to inform our Customer Service staff if you will be travelling with additional bulky goods.

Book your GOGOVan Passenger Van Now!

So what are you waiting for? Book you very own GOGOVan passenger van now and experience convenient and efficient service! You will never be concerned about travelling in big groups again.

What’s more, this Hari Raya period use “GORAYAVISIT15” to get 15% all your passenger van bookings! Our GOGOVan Logistics Partners are Delivering Happiness to everyone during this festive period.

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About GOGOVan:

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