Guide to Care-free Delivery: 5 Simple Tips

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Guide to Care-free Delivery

In an ideal situation, delivery is simple and straightforward. You place an order, the courier picks up your items and delivers them to your desired destination. This sounds too good to be true!

Often times, we encounter many complications in the delivery process, such as missing parcels or undelivered items. Deliveries are actually more troublesome than you imagine. Here are 5 simple tips that you should take note to experience a care-free delivery experience!

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Take A Picture Of Your Item Before Delivery

Take photos of your items

Always be sure to check your items carefully and take pictures of them before you pass them to the courier. Pictures act as proof of the condition of your items before delivery. In the event that your items are damaged during delivery, it makes damage claims a lot quicker and easier!

Understand Your Requirements

Check Your Requirements for Delivery

Several factors come into consideration when making a booking for delivery. It is important to understand your delivery requirements to allow for a smooth delivery process.

Measure the size of your item and take note of the weight so that you are able to select the proper delivery service that you will require. Also, make sure that the time of delivery and delivery charge are agreed upon with the courier beforehand. If these are done well, you will not need to rearrange another order and waste additional time.

Check For Insurance Coverage

Check if there is Insurance Coverage for your items

As insurance for your item is not provided by every delivery company, it is important to check if your item is insured. Furthermore, even if the delivery company provides insurance, you should still look into the fine print of the coverage provided. For example, fragile goods such as glass or bottles of wine may not be included in the insurance coverage.

Therefore, you should also make sure to take some precautions before handing your items to your courier for delivery. This could include wrapping your item in bubble wrap or putting your item into a box of styrofoam.

Read the T&Cs of the Delivery Company

Check on the T&Cs of the Delivery Company

Be sure to carefully read through all the terms and conditions of the delivery company before placing your order. This is especially essential for clauses with regards to compensation. This is so that, in the event that there are any loss of or damage to your items, you will not be inconvenienced with having to write to companies to request for compensations.

Explore More Delivery Options

Check the Different Pricings of Different Delivery Platforms

Do not be afraid to explore different options and companies when sourcing for a delivery service. Why stop at only requesting for a quote from one company? Always be sure to find out the rates, charges, and privileges that other companies provide. This can also save time as some companies may get back to you with a quotation quicker than others! This will save you a lot of time and money.

Get Help from GOGOVan

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