8 Tips for a Smooth Delivery Experience

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gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_tips to better delivery

Starting a business is easy but growing it can be challenging. Here are 9 delivery tips for you to enhance your business efficiency and development.

1. Know your item’s size and weight

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_know your items size and weight

Knowing the size and weight of the items allow you to choose the correct delivery vehicle type and service.

a) If the size of a parcel is as small as a shoe box, you can choose to book a motorcycle instead of a van to deliver your item.

b) Knowing the height and width of the bulky items you are transporting, you can potentially save money by choosing the appropriate truck size. 

2. Know what types of vehicles to choose

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_know what type of vehicles to choose

Different vehicle types cater to different items and you should know which type of vehicles to choose.

You should also take into account the unloading requirements, extra service charges, possible restrictions on the type or size of vehicles. Click here to check our pricing details. 

3. Know what day and time to send your delivery

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_Know what day or time to send your delivery

Choosing the appropriate timing can ensure smooth delivery, thus minimizing delivery lead time and cost. Before delivery, you should take into consideration the traffic flow of different routes during peak period before setting your preferred day or timing for the delivery.  

To avoid additional charges, try to make your delivery during weekdays instead of public holidays. By avoiding peak office hours, you might also save on Electronic Road Pricing and get your items delivered faster.

4. Check for insurance and driver rating

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_check for insurance and driver rating

Normally, most insurance do not offer a comprehensive coverage for transporting goods. If your goods are fragile, wrap it well to avoid any potential accidents. If you require wrapping service for your goods, you could input such requests under the remarks section in the app and the drivers on our platform will liaise with you accordingly, with additional costs.

5. Read carefully the terms and conditions stated on delivery platforms

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_Read carefully the terms and conditions stated on delivery platforms

It is also necessary to understand the terms and conditions of any services in order to safeguard your interests, especially when conflicts or accidents arise.

6. Check and take photo of your items before passing to the delivery man

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_Ensure you check and take photo of the items before passing to the drivers

To minimize unnecessary conflicts, you can check and take pictures of your items before passing  to the delivery man. Additionally, you could also upload such pictures on the app for their reference. The pictures will act as evidence for conflict resolution.

7. Check with the delivery man his ETA and route

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_Check with driver the ETA and route

After the delivery man pick-ups your items, you can check with him the estimated delivery time. You can also review and advice the routes beforehand for faster delivery.

8. Rate your delivery man

gogovan_on-demand_delivery_singapore_Rate and review the driver

After the completion of orders, you can rate and write feedback for your deliveries. Giving constructive feedback can help drivers understand his service standards. 

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