7 Tips to Last 14 Hours Of Fasting

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How do Muslims last 14 hours without food or water? It’s about 14 days before fasting month ends so here are some tips that you can learn from the act of fasting. Selamat Berpuasa all!

7 Tips to Last 14 Hours Of Fasting

1. Sleep To Recharge

Rest early so that you can wake up for sahur (pre-dawn meal) without feeling lethargic. It may be tempting to stay up that additional 1 hour to watch your favourite drama series (or just two episodes) after terawih, but don’t regret the next morning.

2. Jumpstart The Day With Exercise

To make sure that you get enough rest, try sneaking in a light cardio in the morning to start you day with some endorphins. Get a quick shower, hydrate and eat your pre-dawn meal. 10 mins of exercise daily is better than none at all. 3, 2, 1, jumping jacks!

3. Hearty and Nutritious Meals

Maximising the nutrition intake to last through the day with minimal hunger pang is a strategy! We need to ace it in order to beat the pangs.

4. Conserve Your Energy, Avoid The Sun

The sun gives energy to plants to photosynthesize but this is not good news for us when fasting. Sunlight takes away most of our energy, making us extra exhausted. Employers working with Muslims who are constantly exposed to sunlight, please understand that it is going to be real tough on them.

5. Keep Yourself Occupied

This is a no-brainer. Have your day planned out one day before, set a goal to accomplish just one thing for your day. It can be reading a book, watching one season of Friends, learning how to bake Tapak Kuda so you can have it for dinner later at dusk. Anything to keep your mind away from eating. Don’t you dare head to that food blog.

6. Hold Back On Chomping Down

Buka (or break fast) is a joyful event where Muslims enjoy family time during dinner. While some choose to eat a modest meal for buka, there are plenty who choose to have a feast. Remember to start slow. Eat a date, drink some water, and slowly work your way into your dinner. Plan your meals with care in order to maximise the satisfaction and happiness savouring food. We’d recommend eating only a modest amount of fried and oily food!

7. Hydrate like there’s no tomorrow

Did you know that most hunger is a result of dehydration? The best way to last the day is to make sure you drink enough at night and during sahur. Truth is, we’re supposed to drink at least 8 cups a day daily for a reason. So keep a calendar and remind yourself to hydrate when you can.

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With this, GOGOVan will like to wish our Muslim drivers, customers, and staff a smooth fasting experience for the holy month of Ramadhan. May your prayers and good deeds be rewarded in the afterlife. Selamat Berpuasa.

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