6 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2017

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What is after 11:11 Single’s Day? Yes, you got that right, it is Black Friday which falls on the 24th November 2017. With all the online stores slashing their prices, be sure to shop for electronic gadgets, household appliances, beauty products and clothes! We have listed down 6 tips that could help you maximise your shopping experience this Black Friday.


1. Wish-listPicture2Have a wish-list and note down everything that you are intending to buy to avoid any disappointment of  forgetting to purchase your favourite items. Always prepare yourself with a wish-list of your wants and needs, it’s better to be prepared than to be disappointed!


2. Set a budget for yourselfPicture3Let’s be honest here, we all know how addictive shopping can get, let alone online shopping, so to prevent yourself from over spending or impulse buying, decide on how much you want to spend and stick to it. One of the ways to control yourself from over spending is to refrain yourself from using credit cards, use a debit card instead!


3. Do your researchPicture4Doing your research and knowing which stores will be having the biggest sale will allow you to come up with a strategy on which online stores to shop first. To avoid missing out on the best deals, always prioritise the stores which you’ve set your eyes on, you do not want to be regretting later on!


4. Come up with a backup planPicture5pngWhile you are not the only one eyeing on the best deals, there will be instances where you might not be able to find the item that you’ve set your eyes on, therefore, having a backup plan would be most ideal. Always keep tab of a few other online stores! If one site has sold out on the item, you will still have a chance to get it on the other site. Remember, fastest fingers gets the best deal!


5. Look out for hidden costPicture6Always keep a look out on hidden cost such as shipping fees or extended warranty as you want to maximise savings and not a reduced discount.


6. Avoid impulse purchasesPicture7Our purpose of shopping on Black Friday is to maximise savings and shop for items that you’ve been wanting for awhile but you just didn’t want to pay it at it’s full price, right? So avoid impulse and unnecessary purchases as you would most probably be regretting it the next day.

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