3 Facts You Need To Know About Singles’ Day (11.11)!

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On 11.11 (11th November), everyone turns into shopaholics as e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Taobao and many e-commerce shops launch big sales discount to celebrate Singles’ Day. These crazy discounts are everywhere from online to offline – motivating you to shop in a day.

#1 A New Sales Record: USD$14.3 Billion


According to Taobao in 2015, the sales hit USD$14.3 billion in one day, crushing sales on Black Friday.

#2 Midnight Madness: 200 Million Orders in 8 Hours



Launched at midnight on 11th November 2015, Taobao’s Singles’ Day received over 200 million order transactions in just 8 hours. Cinderella was probably rushing back to buy a new pair of glass slippers.

#3 Same Day Delivery: Item Received in 14 minutes



The first Singles’ Day order on Taobao was a television. The customer living in Beijing received the item within 14 minutes (faster than buying it at a store!). It’s incredible how efficient deliveries can be.

Meet Customers’ Demands

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Same Day Delivery has been a value-added service provided to customers on Singles’ Day around Asia.

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