Year-In-Review: Same Day Delivery with GOGOVAN

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With our roots from Hong Kong, GOGOVAN has branched out to various cities in Asia – including sunny Singapore! In 2016, expect bigger, more exciting changes and campaigns from the GOGOVAN team. Here are some of our noteworthy moments in 2015.

Channel News Asia: On-demand delivery apps take on the Singapore market

“We’re disruptors, right. We’re going to make a lot of noise, ruffle some feathers, and there are some ripple effects happening,” Mr Ban said. “It’s not a question of if logistics will go on-demand, it’s just more of a question of when.”


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Channel 8: 新加坡人在中国闯出一片天

Over time people are starting to say: “You know what, I wanna do something that matters. I wanna do something that I’m proud of. I no longer just want to go to the office and hammer out a 9 to 5 hour job and make x amount of money. I’m willing to take a bit of a risk, make less but I wanna have pride in my work. – Gabriel Fong, Executive Chairman, GOGOVAN



TechinAsia: 30 best iOS apps for Singapore residents

A few clicks, and a few calls, and you’ll have your stuff home within the week. I even tried booking a GOGOVAN the day of my delivery and was overjoyed when the driver arrived an hour later. – Anh-Minh Do, TechinAsia

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Techcrunch: 12 transportation on-demand services in Asia

The service is popular for one-off consumer errands like house moving, but most of its customers come from businesses needing specific logistics. – Jon Russell, Techcrunch


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The Business Times: Smart Nation revs up startup ecosystem

Interestingly, IKEA is now in business with delivery van startup GOGOVAN to offer same-day delivery of its furniture. – Jacquelyn Cheok, The Business Times


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New Year’s Greetings

From the GOGOVAN team, we wish everyone – the drivers, our clients and the staff of GOGOVAN – a happy 2016!


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