[HOW TO] Using Delivery During Christmas

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December is the season of giving and gifting. If you haven’t started on your holiday shopping, it’s about time you did! Here at GOGOVan, we’ll be your personal Santa Claus. Because if Santa Claus was a modern man, he’ll be using GOGOVan to make his deliveries – on demand!

No clue how to use delivery during Christmas? Here are some ways:

1. Send a gift


Have you ever wished you could be in two places at the same time? Well technically, you can. When you marry technology and courier service, gifting is a breeze. Either have a courier retrieve the gift from you or purchase it directly from the store then courier it to the recipient. Gifts can range from flower bouquets, to hamper sets, and even chocolate cakes.

GOGOVan service type of choice: Delivery of Small Goods

2. Transport a real Christmas tree home


Nothing beats having an actual Christmas tree. The smell of pine just complements any party at home. All we need now is a fireplace and presents under the tree! Get your own Christmas tree from one of the largest plant nursery in Singapore.

GOGOVan service type of choice: Transport of Bulky Goods

3. Organise a home party with one hand


With so many Christmas lunch/dinner options available, why not spend more time catching up with old friends to talk about your amazing 2015? Some like to spend time cooking together, others like to spend more time eating together. Try ordering in a complete Christmas dinner set this year, you can play a couple of rounds of charades while waiting for the food to arrive.

GOGOVan service type of choice: Delivery of Small Goods (Parcel)

4. Have a reason to revamp the home 


Not everybody celebrates Christmas but this is no reason to miss out on all the festive promotions. As this is the month of giving, many shops are giving storewide discounts specially for the month. Jump on the bandwagon and get yourself some new living room furniture! What’s amazing is you get to buy the furniture and deliver it home – ON THE SAME DAY.

GOGOVan service type of choice: Transport of Bulky Goods

ggv-xmas-IKEA family website


We have three HUGE gift sets to giveaway this festive season (worth over $600)! If you’ve read the entire post, head over to GOGOVan’s Facebook to participate in the weekly competition (HINT: what GOGOVan service should I choose?). Giveaway starts on Monday, 30th November 2015!


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