5 Cultural Traits Of GOGOX


What makes GOGOX Different? GOGOX has 5 cultural traits that make us different. Do these qualities resonate with you?

Dare To Venture

A daring, adventurous spirit is not just needed for a hike or escapade, it’s needed for life.

Here, daring to venture at GOGOX means being willing to try new things. It means being willing to try, and try again.

At GOGOX, we constantly listen to what our customers need, so that we can innovate new services to meet their needs. In 2020, when Singapore entered lockdown, GOGOX increased our services so that it could be business as usual for our customers and consumers.

Daring to venture is a big reason why we have hit this milestone today.

No Bullsh*t

At GOGOX, in order to grow and evolve, the company has known since Day 1 that each of us must be open to hearing the truth from each other. It builds integrity in the workplace, and with lesser time spent beating around the bush, it means more time spent growing the business, and scaling GOGOX to meet our customers’ needs.

Deliver Happiness

These two words make us seem like Santa Claus, but these two words demonstrate our long-term attitude as a company.

While bringing joy sounds magical and light, it involves planning and work. As a company, GOGOX’s aim to deliver happiness means ensuring both our customers and clients’ needs are heard. We strive to swiftly resolve any customer grievance, and aim to satisfy the logistics and last mile delivery needs of every business client. At the time of writing, we have amassed 1,054 Google reviews, and 4.5 stars overall rating!

Top of Your Game

Other logistics companies often over complicate delivery services. Therefore, you will often have to wait for prolonged periods of time for your items to get to you. This can take from 2-3 days or even weeks for you or your recipient to receive your item.

Couriers need to pick up packages from collection points and transport them to transfer centers for redistribution. After a few days, or even up to a week, couriers deliver them door to door or to collection points. Yes, there’s the option to expedite delivery.

However, customers would be required to pay additional fees. This sounds highly redundant, complicated and inefficient. At GOGOX, we are always working to simplify and speed up last mile delivery operations for our drivers, merchants and customers. 

Grow or Die

Starting a company and then leading it to success is hardly easy. GOGOX is continually evolving to meet the changing demands of consumers, especially as online shopping numbers multiply. Optimising business delivery and efficiency, enabling smart tracking, and ensuring excellent customer service is the norm nowadays.

Behind the scenes, with every delivery, GOGOX thinks about how to continually improve efficiency without compromising cost.


Choose us as your reliable delivery partner to partner with you on your business journey!

Here since 2014, GOGOX provides on-demand, same day delivery service and booking delivery services.

With thousands of drivers, speed and efficiency is our promise to the businesses and clients we serve.

Be it FMCG goods, e-commerce items, gifts, furniture or documents, GOGOX takes it on the roads to your office, home, events and more.