5 Packaging Supplies You Need for Your Small Business


All small business owners share a few common traits: They’re highly motivated to succeed, they’re resourceful, and they’d make countless sacrifices to build their businesses. They take care of every thing, down to their packaging supplies.

It’s always exciting once the first order is getting ready to be shipped… and it gets even more exciting when that customer comes back with repeat orders.

To help ensure your order is delivered properly, here are 5  important small business shipping supplies:

1. Packing tape

One of the most important small business shipping materials that any small business should have – packing tape, or washi tape for that added aesthetic appeal.

On busy days, or during festive periods, packing tape can run out faster than expected, so do stock up.

2. Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are the best for small items. Poly mailers are also affordable, costing less than boxes. For businesses who use poly mailers over boxes, this can reduce costs significantly. Plus, ordering poly mailers in bulk is another tip to save even more money.

3. Bubble Wrap
One of the best cushioning materials for delivery packaging! Useful for adding extra padding to protect fragile goods during shipment, and fun to pop when the customer unwraps the package received.

Just be careful not to overpack your boxes with bubble wrap as this would only raise the weight of the items.

4. Packing paper
Packing paper is a specialized paper used as a protective packaging method. It is far more dense and sturdy than average paper used for writing and can take the form of butcher paper or kraft paper.

Being typically available in rolls, it’s a good idea to wrap fragile items like silverware or china to avoid any damages in the shipping process.

In moving and shipping supplies, protective packaging is a must. With proper packaging supplies, your goods will survive the ride and make their way to your eager customers.


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